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Pupcakes and Caroline.....

Meet Caroline my 6 year old niece.  
 I love to spend time with Caroline and her brother. I like to be the "good aunt", the "fun aunt". 
So when we get together we like to cook, sew or "do crafts" (Caroline's term). We have lots of fun together.
On this particular day we made "pup cakes".  Caroline helped me make the cupcakes and I let her do ALL the decorating.  We had an idea of what we wanted and then we experimented. Here are our results:
 We first tried regular size cupcakes, but they just seemed too small for the look we wanted. So then we baked up cupcakes in a pan I would call extra large cupcakes.  We used canned chocolate icing to ice the pupcakes. That just made it easier. We then used mini vanilla wafers for the nose.
We used Nutter Butter (peanut butter sandwich) cookies for the ears. We separated them and used one half on each ear. We then (I did the cutting and Caroline did the placing) used a half of a malted-milk ball for the 'nub' on the nose. We halved a marshmallow and used them for the eyes. We then put a dot of icing on top of each marshmallow.
See the magic-marker looking pens in the pic?  Those are edible markers and Caroline used them to finish off the nose and mouth.
I explained to her what she needed to draw and she did it by herself. Besides help with the baking of the large cupcakes and the halving of the marshmallows and milk balls, these are 100% Caroline Creations!
 I didn't mention, but it probably goes without saying, that any cookies that were broken in the making of the pupcakes, any milk balls that were askew, chipped wafers and covert icing were all eaten and did not go to waste!
 The pupcakes were so good Caroline just had to squeeze her eyes shut with excitement!
Find a willing participant and make your own "litter" of pupcakes!


  1. Caroline is so cute. She looks just like you and Kari when y'all were little. And what a killer personality.
    Have you warned Kari about how much trouble she has coming?
    Loved seeing you yesterday. It still sucks they wouldn't let us in to pray. LOL.

  2. Lori you're so funny! Come on girl! We'll sew on your stuff, or you can buy mine. At a huge discount you know.
    This cupcake idea is too cute.
    So is the little one. I might try it with my grand daughters.

  3. What a fun project! Oh the mess my littles would make... :)

  4. What a great idea! I think I'll try these with my Jr. Church kids some time. (and your niece is cute as a button!) :)


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