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The Watchamacallit

I bought this at Hobby Lobby for a jillion percent off.  I paid $2 and some change for it.  So it was not something that was priceless and near and dear to my heart. Although I liked the paint job and shape.
 So when it broke over the winter it was not that big of a deal. It was outside on the deck and apparently the elements got the best of it.  Hubby threw it away when we "summerized" the deck.

I saw it in the trash and thought, "Hmmmm. I know that can't be glued back together (the top is very top-heavy, probably the reason it broke to begin with), but I wonder if a little duct tape would do the trick?"  And then I answered myself, "Yep, you might as well try Lori!"

 So I broke out the roll of WHITE duct tape. You know it comes in all kinds of colors now.  I held the Watchamacallit back together the best I could and then just taped away.

It worked like a charm. But I knew I could not leave it looking all duct-tapish (aren't you glad I am an English teacher with my huge vocabulary???). 

So I broke out another expensive tool.  The twine ball from the $1 bin at Target.
And then I started spinning.
No, not some excercise class...
but the twine around the duct-tape fixit job.
I used just a smidge (another great word) of hot-glue-from
to secure the end.
I also a little twine to the top for balance.

Then, after completing my save-the-watchamacallit-project I was feeling pretty good about it.  I put the watchamacallit on the outside deck table.

A couple of days later we had dinner outside. My hubby sits down and says, "I thought I threw that thing away."
My mom, who was eating with us came outside and said, "What is that thing anyway?"

They really know how to make a girl feel good about her watchmacallit-with-twine!

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  1. Well what a cute idea- twine-ribbon can fix everything in my opinion- ANything can be made something.
    Love your Blog- would love to follow you-and see what ever else you come up with- great Pics of your family


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