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Sneak Peek

My son's wedding is just a month and two days away. It is one of those things that seemed like it would take forever when they set the date, and now it is right around the corner.

Lots of fun ideas are being implemented in this wedding. The happy couple are not afraid to try some not-so-traditional touches. The vows will be taken in a 100+year old beautiful wooden chapel. Tuxes are not being worn. But the classic ties pictured are part of the ensemble. Yes, they are shades of gray. I can't wait. In the meantime, I'll continue to let you in on a few sneak peeks!

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  1. The wedding plans sound great! My son is also marrying this year, in December (on our 38th anniversary, in fact!). I must say, being the mother-of-the-groom is MUCH easier than being the mother-of-the-bride when my daughter married! Enjoy the process!


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