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It's The Great Pumpkin (Topiary!!)

I have seen pumpkin topiary ideas for several years. When we lived in Kansas and had our huge front porch, I would make the pumpkin topiaries with real pumpkins to put on each side of our front door. The problem is that they never lasted the entire fall season. When I moved back to Oklahoma, I decided to make a topiary using fake pumpkins....and to keep it inside.

 I picked out a variety of different color and sizes of pumpkins at Hobby Lobby.  I kind of eye-balled what they would look like stacked up, as I purchased them.  Then I got them home and simply glue-gunned then together. Several times I had to take the stem off of a pumpkin to get them to stack. In between the pumpkins I stuck in different berries, vines, leaves and twigs. The entire project probably took less than 30 minutes.
 And those leave that are in the little tray with my topiary....Well those are not fake. Those are in fact real leaves. From my yard. In Kansas**!!  I guess I should say our 'old yard'.  We had twelve huge, beautiful maple trees that surrounded our house. In the fall our yard...and the entire town.....was just picture postcard perfect. There are some things about Kansas I will always miss.
**How we got the leaves from our old house: My son Coulter had gone back to Kansas to see friends. He drove by the old house and saw all the beautiful trees and knew how much I missed them.  He got a couple of grocery sacks, (boldly) went into the yard, and scooped up two big bags of leaves. When he got back to Oklahoma he could not wait to show me "my surprise". Yes, it made me cry. 

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  1. Aw. What a sweet kid!
    Love the topiary. Will it be on your porch?


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