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Cat Naps and Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie......

It started out with Ike sleeping peacefully, not bothering anyone.

Then Abe, who has to double-dog-dare everything that Ike does, decided to leave his spot and join Ike.

Then Boomer who is usually just the cat and not the copycat, decided on this day to be the copycat cat.

And the next thing we knew, the three brothers were like this.
Kinda makes you wonder what happens when we aren't watching, huh?
(Yes, the cat is rather large, although this picture makes him look even more so! He's sensitive about it!
Yes, they slept like that peacefully for quite a while!)

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  1. LOL! How utterly adorable, Lori! I couldn't help but smile at the last photo. I love it when they can all make nice and sleep together. I have a marmalade cat (you can see in my latest post) who just worships our old girl, Tessa. Toby follows her everywhere, and every evening you can find them spooning on the bathroom floor. lol! They add so much to our lives, don't they? xoxo

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk


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