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FALLing into Autumn

Nothing says "Welcome Autumn" like a nice hot bowl of homemade soup. 

 Soup is relatively easy to make and feeds a large number of people quickly. 

 One of our favorite cool-weather-soups is Baked Potato Soup. Mmmmmmm, my stomach feels warm just thinking about it!

 I used some fall mini cookie cutters to make croutons to go on top (leaves, turkeys, acorns, pumpkins).
The croutons can be made easily with the mini cutters. Either use a thick Texas toast or a French bread and cut out your shapes.  Season with garlic or onion salt or some Italian seasoning. Put the shapes on a cookie sheet and toast for just a minute of two.  If you don't want to use bread you can also do the same thing with premade pie dough. 

Baked Potato Soup
3 1/2 pounds of potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup Half and Half
1/2 cup sour cream (plus additional for garnish if you choose)
1 Tbs. cornstarch
1 1/2 tsp. salt
black pepper to taste
**Baby carrots sliced--optional
**Shredded hash browns--optional
**Shredded cheese--optional

Cook potatoes. Drain. Set aside. You may mash them slightly if you CHOOSE to.

In your big soup pot (dutch oven, or whatever you call it) heat the chicken broth.

In small bowl combine half and half, sour cream, cornstarch, salt and pepper. Mix well. Add mixture to your warmed chicken broth. Add in potatoes. Stir well and let heat all the way through.  Watch it closely so it does not burn. Once it is heated thoroughly, you can turn the heat to low.

Serve with croutons, bacon bits, shredded cheese and/or sour cream on top.

****The above is the basic recipe.  Because we have a house full of hearty eaters, we often add additional items to the soup.  We like to slice up baby carrots and add those to the chicken broth as it is warming. 
In addition, it is also delicious if you add a small bag of hash browns.  Before I add them I usually like to cook them slightly then drain them, BUT I have also added them straight from the bag.  Just make sure you let them warm all the way through before serving the soup. (We prefer to cook them first).
And my sons think no dinner is complete without cheese. I add a handful of whatever yellow or white cheese I have handy to the soup while it is in the last stages of warming.  It is simply delicious this way.

We have also added small pieces of chicken or andouille sausage.

One more thing. We always use real bacon (for the garnishment) that we cook and chop. 

I have told you before, I am a very unconventional cook. I like to take recipes and make them my own. Don't be afraid to try that too!
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Try this soup!!


  1. Love the croutons! Such a fun touch to a yummy bowl of soup. See you Friday at the game? Hope so!

  2. Anonymous9/23/2010

    The croutons are a cute idea!
    Question: Do you bake the potatoes or boil them or what?

  3. You make the soup the way I love it! I love it thick and creamy. What cute crackers. The kiddies would be fighting over those. I just crave soup when it starts to cool, that hasn't happened yet, but when it does, this would be great.


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