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Kick-Off Football Season with a Few Great Recipes!!

YAY!!! YAY!!! Football season has officially begun!
Football brings up so many good memories at our house.
Besides the game, one of the best parts about football is

I pulled six (earlier published) posts together into one place to share fun football food (English teachers love alliteration). All six recipes would be good for watching TV at home OR for tail-gating with your favorite team. 
The first recipe is a CORN AND FRITO SALAD. This recipe was given to me by our school secretary. It is fast to make and delicious to eat. IF you have leftovers, it can be refreshed with some fresh Fritos. 

 Next we have PIZZA BALLS. I saw this in a recipe book one day I was thumbing through at the store. I did not buy the book, but I did try to remember the recipe to make at home. This is also a quick recipe and a great finger food. These disappear quickly. 
 Who doesn't love MEATBALLS? This recipe makes a massive amount of meatballs. It has a quick little BBQ sauce that goes on the top that actually makes the recipe perfect. These would be easy to make ahead and warm up on game day. 
MEAT PIES AND FRUIT PIES are one of my favorite things to make. I will fully admit that they can be kind of labor intensive, but for an hour of work you get massive amount of great pies. The compliments you get are worth it. These would be super for tailgating. 

 Both the fruit pie and the meat pie recipe can be found on here.

 SAUSAGE BALL appetizers along with LORI'S A DIP DIP can be found on this page. The appetizers make up quickly and the dip is hands down one of my family's favorite dips ever. Go see how it got its name. 
Finally, I included my LASAGNA CROCK POT recipe. It hit me that this would be great to make the night before and be ready in the morning to take tailgating or just to have ready at home. I use a crockpot liner so it makes the cleanup super easy. 

Hopefully one or more of these recipes fits the bill for great football food with family and  friends (more alliteration) at your house. Enjoy! 
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