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Out of the Blue

 One of the projects I was determined to do while I was off during the summer was to organize my dish closet and dining room. 
 One thing led to another and without a plan I pulled all my blue and white dishes out and grouped them together. 
 Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of blue and white dishes. Many patterns, several different varieties of Blue Willow and some solids. But when pulled together they looked beautiful. 
 Out of all my blue and white dishes, only four of them were not bought at auctions or garage sales. The large platter and casserole above are two of those. My mom found those in England and gifted me with them!
 Salad plates and dessert plates come in all varieties and sizes! 
 This collection was started innocently enough over 30 years ago. The little lamp (above) and the one missing the dome hiding in the corner were the first two pieces we purchased. It was actually my Hubs that bid on them at an auction and won them for me. 
 My grandmother had Blue Willow, he knew I loved the color blue, so he thought I would enjoy them. And so it began!!!!!!!  The dome to one of the lamps was broken through the years. (Luckily I have forgotten how or by whom, so I will hold no grudges!!)
 Then as we began to see blue and white dishes at auctions we would bid on them. This was long before they were the rage, so they were easy to acquire at a nominal price. In fact, sometimes we would get whole boxes for a couple of dollars. Those were the days!
 Of the hundreds of blue and white dishes we have, this is the third piece that was not bought at auction (or garage sale). My mother also picked this up in England. It is my oldest piece. The white on it is slightly discolored from the years. Believe it or not, I have actually used it many times to hold gravy too. 
 This is the mark on the inside. I believe it is from Queen Victoria's era. 

 Most of the tea cups I keep packed away, as we never use those. When I pulled all the dishes to group them together, I just kept out a few of the different types of cups and saucers. 
 When I say I bought them all (but 4 pieces) at auctions and garage sales, I actually only bought one box at a garage sale. It was a big box of miscellaneous small plates and small bowls. But it was a great buy. 

 If you notice the stack of small plates and bowls has several that are discolored. Those are some of my favorites. The blue is as vibrant as ever, but the white has darkened over the years. 
 It makes me think how many, many, many times these were used long before they came to grace my family.

 The fourth piece of the blue and whites that did not come from an auction or garage sale is the cute pitcher with the girl and the cows. It is (relatively) new. I bought it when I lived in Kansas and frequented Nell Hills. 
 It looked just like it belonged with my collection. 
Blue and white will always be a classic (at least in my mind!) After I had gathered up (most of it) and put it together I thought the collection is proof that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great collection.
Time and perseverance are all you really need. 

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  1. Your blue and white dishes are amazing. I have a few pieces here and there and love them.

    My mother had wonderful things that she always used for special days, but rarely used. I love that you use your pieces and don't hold grudges if they are broken.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation. All of my teacher friends are beginning to moan about Common Core standards and summer almost over. This year, it means nothing to me. I retired after 32 years. I will continue to coach 6th grade volleyball.

  2. Beautiful blue and White collection and I love it on display in your hutch! Big hugs,

  3. Your collection is lovely, especially all pulled together like you've done. It's fun to gather things through the years and remember special stories about how they came to be with you. You have some great pieces! I especially like the white pieces with the simple swag border. Love the shape of the plates. Thanks for sharing your blue and white.

  4. Gorgeous collection! Love blue and white too :)

  5. I love this!! I am slowly accumulating as many beautiful blue dishes as I can, too. They are the queen of the dish cupboard, IMO. I think your dishes and your display are just plain lovely.

  6. Great post! I L O V E blue and white dishes. Your collection is amazing. Please check out mine here. http://frenchhensnest.blogspot.com/2013/03/blue-transferware-home-at-last.html
    Sorry I can't get the hyperlink to work.

    Enjoying your blog so much.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  7. Oh what gorgeous blue and white dishes! And what a lovely built-in cupboard to show them all off. My loved one's Victorian Farmhouse has a built in china closet and it is so wonderfully handy. Have a great week!

  8. Blue and white is my favorite color combination so of course I love your beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party.

  9. Your collection is so beautiful, love the blue and white so much...I have a set from my mom that i just treasure...everytime I look at them in the cabinet they bring up another time..they are not as fine as yours, lets face it you have some stunners in your collection, but I like to see them there...thanks for sharing your lovely collection...come on over for a visit and see my lady bugs, you will love them...

  10. Oh how I love your blue and white collection! I never seem to get tired of blue-and-white dishes

  11. Love your blue and white collection. Mine is slowly growing as we speak..LOL.


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