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Winter's Comfort Food--Chicken and Dumplins'

 When the weather is cold outside, I think we all like to turn to the "comfort food" of our youth.  One of those comfort foods for me would be Chicken and Dumplins, made by my grandmother. They were absolutely the best.  The meal would be painstakingly made by hand from scratch. (I sometimes wonder if I told her enough how unbelievable her food always was......)
 But, as she got older, even my grandmother gave in to some of the "modern conviences" of cooking.  She started making her dumplins' from Bisquick.  And she even bragged about it!  So, when I want comfort food and long for a warm, hot dish from my childhood, Chicken and Dumplins' is right there at the top of my list.
 And out comes the Bisquick box...with the dumplins' (I know, I know, they have a "g" on the box, but I am going by what my grandmother would say) recipe on the side.  I use that very exact recipe.  But I double mine.
 After I have boiled my chicken, I take the chicken out and use that same broth (I usually have to add additional water as well) to make the dumplins'. FIRST though, I add a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and stir until it is disolved. Now that the broth is super rich, I move on to cooking the dumplins'. The dumplin' batter is a thick batter.  I grab a spoonful of it and drop it (carefully) into the chicken broth.
 After the entire top of the pot is filled with dumplins' I turn the dumplins over and push them around until I get my entire double recipe in the pot. I turn the dumplins over once while they are boiling.
 The outside of the dumplin' is covered with the rich broth, but the inside is dry (as in not moist) and wonderful.
 By this time, I have shredded my chicken and add it back to the pot as well. I usually move some of those wonderful dumplins' around to get the chicken at the bottom of the pot. Stir to keep from burning or sticking!
 I am sure this can be done in any order, but this is just the way I have always done it. The results are delicious.
Before the next snowstorm hits, go by the store and grab a box of Bisquick and try the "homemade" dumplins' .

Pure Comfort Food!
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  1. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Dumplins is supposed to have a G? Who knew? LOL.
    They look delicious!
    In answer to your question: we never tell our loved ones enough, but they always knew we meant to. Honest, they did!

  2. The dumplings look so yummy and well, comforting! And of course we don't ever tell our loved ones enough about how we love food they lovingly made for us -- but maybe if they have passed on, they know now. Joni

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  4. One of my favorites. Reminds me to make it again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, yes, that does sounds like the perfect comfort food! Thanks for the tip on adding cream of mushroom!!

  6. Now these are my kinda dumplins'!! I've always preferred the Bisquick recipe to the noodle variety.
    Ladybug Creek


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