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Snow Kiddin'

A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping and found a several  cute snowmen things at TJ Maxx. They were considered Christmas items, so were on sale for 90 % off.  I focused on the redbird in the picture, and loved it. (I've told you many times how I love redbirds.)  I bought the two pictures I have posted and a few other snowmen items. 
This picture is actually felt and could be mistaken for a hand-pieced picture.  At just a few bucks for all the snowmen items I bought, it was one of those deals I could not pass up.  My husband, on the other hand could not even understand why I would be looking through the "Christmas" stuff. He was totally bored by the whole concept. He went on out to the car and listened to a ballgame on the radio.  I might add here, that he was able to go out to the car and listen to the radio because our weather here in Oklahoma this winter has been fabulous. On Saturday we even set a new record high of 78 degrees. We had the windows open at the house and enjoyed a day of outside activities. My husband golfs all the time.  Back to the shopping trip...so I get out to the car and brag about my great purchases and show Hubby how my snowmen are 'winteresque' and not 'Christmasy'.  He told me I was just tempting fate by putting snowmen in the house.  I just laughed.  This morning we woke up to a big, huge, and VERY RARE Oklahoma blizzard.  We have about 12 inches of snow. Winds that are sustained at over 40 miles per hour. Single digit temperatures.  The snowdrifts are higher than our car.  Our entire state is basically shut down. Literally.  And of course, the first thing my husband said was, "I told you so. It's all because of those snowmen you bought." Ha! I'm taking it for the team!

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  1. Aw, man. This is your fault? Glad to know who to blame! LOL.
    I love your snowmen and your redbirds.


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