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Touchdown Tablescape

 I have chosen to put my football tablescape back up in time for the playoff season. You can "dress-rehearsal" your football tablescape this week, then perfect it for the Super Bowl!
That's good for a FIRST DOWN!

I have mentioned many times how much my family loves sports and sporting events. All five of my children were involved in sports in high school and college. Keeping that in mind, it should be no surprise that we have actual dishes to represent sports.  Lots of them!  So, with the Super Bowl just days away, it seemed only logical to create some Super Bowl party ideas.

For others that might want to create such tablescapes, it actually is very easy to do.  The football dishes can easily be mixed and matched with regular dishware.

In this case I used serving trays from Dollar General that looked like a football field as the charger.  I added my solid brown plates, then little football themed salad size plates.  On top of that, a little ceramic football. The napkins were made to look like a referee's flag, since the salad dishes had referees on them. 

I cannot even remember where I got the football glasses I have had them so long.  The thing about collecting "different" dishes like sports, is to just collect a little at a time.  That's what I have done.  Then before you know it, the collection is a BIG collection!

Many times stores like Target and the dollar type stores will have football themed dishes at the beginning of football season.  That is where I got these plastic trays, with the intent to use them as chargers.  They worked out perfect and were very inexpensive.
But like I said, I buy football dishes here and there when I see them, and before I know it my collection is big.  SO, with that in mind, I couldn't just do one place-setting idea, but I had to do at least one more! 

With this one, I used a mesh young boys practice type jersey. We have LOTS of these, but they are all well used.  I picked up these on clearance one year with the intent to cover my chairs in them for a game.  Today I thought they looked cute as the charger/placemat. I used a big football tray as the plate, and a football bowl on top of that.  I picked the referee towels up at Dollar General in the fall.

For the place cards I used chip clips.  For the tablescape I used a chenille that I have.  I actually have lots of these, with many different names on them.  Of course if you wanted place cards, they would also be cute written on cardstock...or the back of old programs.

 With this tablescape setting, I used a referee whistle tied loosely around the silverware.

 A close-up view of the "laces" on the glassware.

This I did not use in my tablescape, but it would be great for a big buffet.  It is a blowup stadium with a football in the middle. You fill it with ice and drinks.

Part of the buffet tablescape.
The cover for the table is actually a play mat I bought on clearance after Christmas at Wal-Mart.  It came with a mini football and the two yellow goal posts as well.  It is the perfect cover for a football party.  It is thick enough to protect the table, but smooth enough for any dishes.

Another idea is to just mix and match all the different dishes for a big football buffet.  Even though they were bought at many different times, they all coordinate.

The footballs are actually ice cubes.  But I bought several packs at the dollar bin in Target and filled a glass vase with them. 

Since I work at a high school, I always ask the salesman when he comes to sell letter jackets if I can buy any "mistake" chenilles.  Often people just don't pick up what they order, or there is a mistake.  I have been able to buy many through the years for almost no money at all. I pulled the ones that matched my tablescape best.

....Or my own initials!  Many of you I am sure are not interested in purchasing sports dishes.  Luckily, I always participated in sports and loved watched them as well....otherwise, I would have been miserable all these years! Instead, I embrace each season and try to make our family time together one to enjoy visually, as well as filling up their stomachs!

Hubby carrying the ball..and the cross-stitch plaque I made. Both from YEARS ago!

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  1. Love the idea of chairs decorated with ref stripes. I'm going to use that for sure.
    Our favorite team is out of the running, but we'll be glued to the television till the final second.
    Thanks for sharing;.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say, I checked out your basketball themed post too.
    Now, do you have any suggestions on how I might talk my grandson out of one of his basketballs???

  3. How fun! I know you'll all be having a great time on Sunday-enjoy:@)

  4. You win, hands down. I've never seen so much football stuff. You've done it so well. Sometimes it comes off as a bit cheesy, but I just love this. In my life, I collected ballet things :-)
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  5. What an amazing tablescape! I love all the thought and detail you put into it!

  6. Love your game day table! Very creative.

  7. What a fun tablescape!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. How fun!I'm not a football fan, but I love the detail to your tablescape. Thanks for bringing your wonderful table to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Wow! You have a wonderful collection of football decor and it is all so clever. I especially like the idea for the tablecover! Hope your team wins on Sunday. Linda

  10. Very cool!! You have a great collection of football items. I had a party for Super Bowl, but you get the prize for best decor!! Adorable!

  11. Such cute, cute, cute ideas!!!! REALLY cute! I especially love the napkin and the little goal posts. I have been looking for those little goal posts for a Super Bowl party but haven't been able to find them anywhere around here. I have one more place to look before I throw in the towel...or the penalty flag! :-) Really fun tables!!!


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