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Snow In Love

Is this the cutest thing you have ever seen or what?  SOOOOO romantic!  Yes, I LOVE YOU, made out of snow. 

I found this picture on my Facebook page and just had to share.  The story behind it is even better.

My daughter Taylor's best friend married a UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship) fighter. We are talking Mr. Tough Guy. He won National Championships multiple times as a wrestler in high school and college.  He has only lost once as a professional fighter.  The young couple live outside Dallas with their one year old daughter. When they went outside to play in the (very rare) Texas snow yesterday, Mr. Tough Guy Fighter made this I LOVE YOU from the snow for his wife and daughter. Who says Tough Guy Fighters don't have marshmallow hearts?

p.s. I loved it so much I added it to my February banner!

Have you ever been to Lorie's page?  You will love Be Different / Act Normal. (Although there will be nothing cooler than this on Show and Tell!!) Also, The Tablescaper has readers each Sunday that celebrate the season. Then check out Susan's Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. Love it, Lori! Very sweet.

  2. That is such a sweet expression of love. Joni

  3. How wonderful! Thanks so much for posting this. I think those big guys probably have teddy bear hearts!

  4. Neat find. Thanks for being part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. How sweet! Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you'll come see DD2's dining room redo.


  6. What a wonderful sweet sentiment from that "tough guy"!!! Love it!!! Have a wonderful week!!!


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