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Flannel....A Girls Best Friend....Sometimes!

The past two weeks in Oklahoma have been....cold. Downright frigid. Teeth-chattering-eyelash-freezing cold.  My school has had three snow days in the last two weeks. In the three years I have been at the school we have not had three snow days total.

Not only that, but my school has gone to school when others have not. Tulsa...and the schools in the Tulsa area...have been out almost two full weeks. 

Yesterday morning in the university town in which I live, it was -20 degrees.  Yes, you read that right. There was a big 'ole minus (-) sign in front of that 20.  That breaks the (decades old) record by 15 degrees.  And that was real temps. That does not count wind chill.  Let me just say, it was darn hard to get out of bed.

Especially when my bed has the cutest little snowmen flannel sheets on it. Not to mention a warm and comfy red and white quilt. I just wanted to snuggle further down in the covers. I certainly didn't want to get up and face the cold.

This is like the weather I thought I left behind in northeasternmost Kansas!  What is going on?  Our 12+ inches of snow have begun to melt today. The temps were back in the 40's. Last night Oklahoma even made the national news with our temperature swings......There was a town in Oklahoma that was even colder than ours. They registered yesterday morning at -30. Real temps. The forecast calls for temps in the 70's by Tuesday. And as the national news pointed out, that is a temperature swing of 100 degrees in just a few days. I'll go with the 70's any day!

Like Oklahoma's favorite son, Will Rogers said, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." 
Thank goodness it is warming up. Now maybe I can crawl out from under those flannel sheets! 

(Sheets--Target--$19.99. Really. King-sized!!!)
(Notice the red bird on them???!!!) 


  1. LOVE those cute flannel sheets! I'm so excited about the warm weather coming our way next week!


  2. Hi Lori,
    What adorable sheets! I wouldn't want to get out of bed either. I've been hearing about your weather on the news. I never thought about the amount of the change...100 degrees!! That's just plain wierd. And a little scary. It's like the weather has gone crazy. It has it's own mind these days. Even here. It's so cold!
    PS...Your blog is soooo cute!

  3. Anonymous2/12/2011

    It's gonna be a heat wave here in WI too! Funny how 20 degree something feels warm when you have been in the subzero's. I think while you are enjoying your 70 degree weather we may actually creep up to near 40. I will take it!!! Enough with the cold!

    Love your sheets and comforter!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Will Rogers was so right when he said that. It was beautiful today even with the snow still covering the ground. I think it got up into the high 40's, low 50's. It felt like Spring compared to how it's felt the past couple of weeks.

    Flannel is my bff all winter long. My husband and I look forward to our flannel sheets, come cold weather.

    And you're right about Tulsa, my kids were out of school for 9 days in a row (not counting the weekends!). That is definitely a record for Oklahoma.

    Stay warm in the flannel!


    p/s those tuxedo cake balls on your sidebar are the cutest I've seen!

  5. lori, with those wonderful flannel sheets, i don't think i would ever venture too far from bed!!! man! you guys are sure getting some blistering cold weather back there!!!! i won't tell you that it was 70 here today in california. a bit warm all of a sudden!! washed a few windows and pulled a few weeds from the horrible looking backyard.

    hey, i will be posting judy's etsy store as soon as she opens it. she lives in your neck of the cold woods/

    happy valentine's day, sweet friend!!!!


  6. I have been so jealous about the snow that everyone else is receiving! I love it and this year we have hardly received any. We just have the cold! Very cute sheets and blanket. Even though we live in Utah, my kids have never had a snow day (one district has had two weeks of snow days). We would have to have about 18 inches to get a snow day. Happy Valentine's Day. Joni


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