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Tables are Turned....

When I was on vacation this summer I managed to go into a few furniture stores. 
 The store above, in Oxford, Mississippi, was so cute I was willing to just move into the store! I love the pear painting, the exposed brick wall and the down-filled loveseat.  The entire store was wonderful.

 Then we got to Seaside, Florida, and there was a store that made my heart beat faster.  I would have taken absolutely anything in the store....IF, I could have afforded anything in the store!  I took all these pictures (secretly) with my phone.  I have given this picture to one of my son's (that can weld) and told him that is what I want for Christmas.

Then there were these coffee tables (pictured above). In case you can't tell from my covert photo, there were two tables stacked on top of each other.  I was willing to just have one!

 Then there was this baby.  I have instructed all my sons that I want this table for Christmas.  I don't care if I put it inside or outside, I want this table. It is made out of pipe, plumbing parts and old boards. Surely my sons can figure this out!!!!  See that little price tag?  It was over $1200.00. Really. (Now you see why I was taking huggermugger pictures!!)

My sons think I have lost my mind because I think these industrial tables are so great.  Now I just have to convince them that they really are worth the build!


  1. They are fabulous. I would love them too. Maybe for our cabin? We haven't really put anything into the inside of it yet other than an old picnic table. This would be perfect. Thanks for the pics you sneaky girl you.

  2. Oooooohhhhh....that last table is swoon worthy!!! Love it -- and hope you get it this Christmas! :)

    xoxo laurie


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