"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Our take on American Gothic......

I used the American Gothic painting as a parody at our rehearsal dinner.  I supplied two (cut off) pair of overalls and two flowery dresses....And of course the pitchfork!
All the participants had to do was get behind the frame, choose what to wear. It was interesting and FUN watching the groups of people together, how serious some were and how funny some were. Keeping a straight face was almost impossible for some.  I printed off at least one hard copy of each participant and will put them into an album for the Happy Couple to have. What a fun way to remember their rehearsal dinner night.

A little glimpse at some of the pics.   See what I mean?  It was great fun! This idea could be tried with several different themes.  
Halloween would be a great time to try it!


  1. what fun!!!
    i need to find myself a pitchfork..free fun!!

  2. Love the wedding post below too!!
    Glad it all turned out so well!!
    Love all of the little ideas and sweet things yall did!
    When the rain rolled in I thought of people with weddings planned and thought well shoot!
    But yours turned out great!!
    Love the dumpster diving story..some things just are so meant to be!!
    What if your facebook link?/ I wanna see that covered wagon picture!!
    I am bookmarking the link for my wedding files too!!!

  3. I wonder how many of us will be using this idea! Your pictures are great, and the fun everyone is having is so obvious, which makes them better still! Love it.


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