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Fall decorating ideas for a wedding shower:

The galvanized ice bucket is filled with wild flowers and leaves from shrubbery.  The pumpkin topiaries I redid and are very versatile. In front of those, a $1 'jeweled' pumpkin sitting on a tarnished silver candlestick. 

On each guest table was a little basket, scored from Pier 1 for $1.40 each.  Inside were some fall bedding plants, hidden with moss and a little Cinderella  (bride-to-be) slipper tucked in as a surprise. The sparkly netting is some wide Christmas wrap picked up at Sam's.

The fall pumpkin completed the simple centerpieces.

On the serving tables, each dessert was labeled with a little tag. Surprisingly, there were a lot of comments on that; people seemed to really enjoy knowing exactly what each food item was.

A simple picture of the couple put in a small frame on the serving table.  The plates were put in a wire basket.

Tissue poms were used to fill in empty spaces.  A variety of serving pieces were used, but all in the cream/white/brown colors, making it all cohesive. The different textures added a nice touch. LOVE was written out throughout the room with different types of letters.

Finally, when there is something in the room that does not match the 'decor', have fun with it!  The statue (below) was in the room so he got to become part of the party!

The purpose of this little post?
The shower was put on by three
bridesmaids on a budget.
Very little was bought for the shower,
as they "shopped at home" for the decor.
Simple desserts were made, but plated well.
Everything put together
made for a perfect shower!
I have linked this tablescape with Susan and a hundred other great ideas!


  1. The pearl K on the pumpkin caught my eye!

    What a beautiful shower! How neat that it was all done so inexpensively! Great job! Lovely decorations, yummy looking food!


  2. The bride obviously chose well when she picked her bridesmaids. They did a lovely job designing the bridal shower. Everything is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the charming design. Cherry Kay

  3. This is stunning! I love the ideas with the iron basket. So pretty.

    Job well done.

    HAppy TS & hope everybody enjoyed the bridal party.


  4. Wonderful ideas abound in this post! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pretty desserts and all the decorations. I especially love the wild flowers and white pumpkins together!

  5. I love inventive parties like this - lots of thought but not too much expense. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. I am sure the bride-to-be was SO appreciative of your collective efforts! What a wonderful gesture!


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