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Orangeja Glad It's Fall?

Who said FALL had to be all about orange?  

Because of a personal college rivalry thing I have this strong dislike of the color orange. As in it's not on my favorites list. As in its not on my color list. Period. I don't mind it in the home of others, it's just not my thing.

  And wouldn't you know, God has quite a sense of humor. The house we live in has orange brick. Granted it is not bright orange, but any shade of orange is still orange in my book. Because we rent the house, there is not one thing I can do about The Orange Brick. Not good. But it was the only house that fit our needs when we moved. Ugh.

 So I try not to bring any more orange into my little world. I look for other colors to decorate with for fall.

Since Fall is all about the harvest, I thought my pitchfork and hoe would be perfect to stick into my giant grapevine wreath. I found both in the trash---I suspect because they have lost their poles. They have been put back to work!

There are so many beautiful colors of fall.  There are so many ways around orange....if you really want absolutely no orange.

Or you can be like me and try to overcome that orange-aversion and work in little pieces of (faded) orange here and there.

I mean if God can have a sense of humor about things, then certainly I can as well!

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  1. Looking very "fall" at your place. I prefer those muted colors rather than the bright orange too.


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