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A Tisket A Tasket...A Turquoise Basket....

For Valentine's Day I received this:
  It is huge. It is metal.  I love it.  And while I know that many people just adore the rusted look, I wanted something not quite so rusted/shabby.  Plus, where some of the paint was coming off, it shed on things and it hurt if it poked fingers.  So I wanted to paint it, yet still let it look eye-catching. 
 I started by scraping down any loose paint.  Then I primed it.
 I put the basket on top of another basket to do the spray painting/primer.

 After the primer, I chose to spray paint it a color that would make the basket stand out (like it didn't just on sheer size!).  I did not take pictures of me spray painting it the next color, but I do have pictures of the finished product. (It was during the cold winter days that I did this, so I was trying to hurry!)
   I painted the basket turquoise (just in case you didn't read the title of the post). As you can see, the basket is big enough to hold three full size pillows (and then some!).  I liked it turquoise, but it was a little too bright for the look I was wanting.
     I have no idea what color the turquoise is.  It was the only spray paint can of (nice quality) turquoise paint at Lowe's.  I kept it looking like this for the rest of the winter.  But as soon as the weather was nice, the basket went back outside for a little 'stain' action.
   If you look closely, you can see where I toned the color down some.
  For summer I am going to keep it out on the deck full of ferns.  It looks great.  So my sweet little Valentine's present went from this:
   To this:
   LOVE IT!!!!!!!   I have linked to these two lovely Southern women:



  1. That's exacly the color I would have painted it. I have been wanting a basket like that. How cool! It turned out great!!!

  2. Beautiful job! Love the color.

    I am partying with you tonight. Come over for a visit.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Now that..is cool!!! Rhonda

  4. Anonymous4/05/2010

    Well whenever you tire of this little basket, I think it would look lovely in Ohio.


  5. Such a useful basket with good lines. I really like what you did with it. Hope you'll come by Atticmag for our really useful giveaway. -- Jane F.

  6. Love it! The color is great and I love that you have it holding ferns outside now. That must look so great.

  7. That is way cool, such a nice large size. Valentine's day, huh? ;)

  8. Great basket! It does look better toned down though.

  9. Anonymous4/26/2010

    You did a really nice job. It's a great basket!


  10. Love the color - nice job! Dropping by from BNOTP, #7. Allison

  11. I like it!



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