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Signs, signs, everywhere are signs......Or at least letters, words and numbers!

Long before words, numbers and graphics became the hot item to collect and put in our homes, my house was already filled with such alphabet delight, big numerals and advertising fun.
 As an English teacher I love words.  I love looking at them, reading them and using them.  I surround myself with them.
 I have no idea where the love of numbers came from.  I guess I consider them word-cousins!

  I picked out a couple of rooms in my house and decided to take pictures of any words or numbers I saw in the room. Today's pictures are from one room, the family room.

 I think I even surprised myself about the amount of words, numbers and graphics I use for decorating.

 I definitely think I live by the rule of thumb that I want to have a house that no one else has copied.  I doubt you'll walk into my house and find decor that is in other people's.

That has definitely been a plus in meeting friends in blogland.  It is nice to find other people that love the old stuff, the 'weird' stuff, the things that others would never look at twice.

 My family has owned newspapers for over ninety years. When I see old print blocks I feel a sense of heritage. If they are especially great (like all my number 5's) they find their way home with me.
  Letters that remind me of old Underwood typewriters draw near and dear to me as well.

  Who am I fooling?  I love ALL letters. 
 I even found this 'ball' at Pier 1 that was made from old newsprint.  One of my daughters bought me the matching baskets and a very dear friend bought me the matching magazine holder.  They know me well.

  I won this....I. AM. NOT. KIDDING!!! from Susie Harris. It was my lucky day.  I love it. 

 Even pictures frames have words on them. 

  Books. A girl can never have enough books. Of any kind.  Coffee table books are another weakness. (What aren't my weaknesses??)
  I take a lot of pictures.  Even my pictures are filled with words, letters and numbers. 
 This was a picture I took in Bricktown in OKC when I was out on a date night with my hubby.  I had it blown up and put on a canvas.  
 Even my fire extinguisher lamps are filled with words. The graphics on them are beautiful.
 Imagine, this is just one room!  Don't worry. I will continue this little show and tell. 
What about you?  Have you been ahead of the trend on anything?  Don't you just love that feeling?


  1. How cool that you have the relation of the family newspaper and the letter collecting. You have so many. They really are getting so popular. My mother's family started her home town newspaper. She would have loved your collection. And how CREATIVE to take that photo and blow it up! Love that!

  2. Anonymous4/13/2010

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  3. Anonymous4/13/2010

    Oops, sorry about that!! Very cool stuff Lori, show us more please.

  4. I love the Oklahoma poster!


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