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Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

 I am in the process of moving, so for the next two weeks I will be doing a rerun of previous tablescapes. Just wait till I am in my new dining room!! In the meantime, enjoy Cinco de Mayo.
I thought I would get a head start on Cinco de Mayo this week.  I already had all dishes and props except for the top plates.  I was at Pier 1 a couple of months ago, saw these plates and decided right then to do Cinco de Mayo. I knew they would match things I had. They also come in a larger plate and a bowl.
Aren't they great plates?  They made me think of a little Mexican village.
I set my tablescape up outside, since we love spending every available evening outside.  After a long winter we cannot get enough of the outdoors.

For the table "runner" I used a Mexican banner that I cut up to resemble a runner.

Each square represents a story.
When doing decorating or doing tablescapes it
is important to repurpose items
that we already have.
Once we think outside the original
of an item,
it is so easy to find new uses for things.
In this case, the Mexican banner was a decoration
I had in my classroom at one time.
There were enough of the individual flags that
I could decorate a big table.
The Mexican culture is so colorful that it is
an easy tablescape to pull together.
The red plate and bowl are part of a huge set of red dishes that my husband surprised me with one Christmas.
The big square plate I used as a charger was part of a set of dishes I picked up at Ross a couple of years ago.
The silverware is a set I have had for years. My boys call it
our "game day" silverware, since it is the color of
our favorite team and they like to use it on gamedays.
And the teacher in me had to bring in some books
for the occasion too.
Even the books are colorful.
The wind was causing problems with my tablescape!

Enough of the pictures.  Go make some tacos or guacamole and enjoy your own Cinco de Mayo celebration!
Don't forget to stop by again next week.
In the meantime I am linking to Susan. Go enjoy all the
unbelievable tablescapes presented each week.


  1. Love your table! Especially the plates from Pier 1-I'm jealous. I really like the way you've pulled everything together-especially when you cam use things you already have(my husband likes that part too!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous4/29/2010

    Ok now seriously, why aren't you working for Martha Stewart??? Better yet, forget Martha, start your own company!! Love this, love this, love this cuz of all the color. Rock it girl!


  3. I love the bright and beautiful colors. Your creativity is inspiring. I am working to use some of my dishes at home for a tablescape for next week, we are having company on Friday. You have inspired me.

  4. I've not seen those plates before and I do love them. So bright and cheerful looking. Great tablescape. Makes me happy!


  5. Thanks for stopping by! You have created such an inviting setting with all the bright colors, and I wish I could be there.



  6. Oh I just love it!! Love these colors and any kind of painted plates. Love this!!!

  7. Very creative. I like this vibrant colors.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. Love your festive Cinco de Mayo table!

  9. A lovely Cinco de Mayo table! LOL about your "game day silverware"! Love it! I'm planning a Cinco de Mayo table, too, and yours has lots of good ideas!

  10. I love your Cinco-scape! Perfect combinations and I love the plates. Great idea for the table runner too!
    Thanks for sharing and visiting!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    sweet pickles and chocolate

  11. Love this! I love the plates and your stemware! This post is so fantastic!

  12. Love the blog and decorations for cinco de mayo. visiting from southern mamas!Glad to have you! come visit if you can! http://kitchenbelleicious.blogspot.com

  13. That is great! I love the dishes, so colorful! I am doing mine for cdm this week...I bought the plates a few months ago, and have been waiting. No one here celebrates it though! :)

  14. Hi Lori!
    I just found your blog while I was searching for Cinco de Mayo tablescaping ideas. I LOVE your colorful ideas! Those plates from Pier 1 are absolutely gorgeous.

    I read through several of your posts and your profile and realized we have many things in common. I'll be watching for you in the future and I hope you will stop by my blog for a visit. (You can ignore the Skin Cancer post I did today and skip to past postings. I am a bit rabid about protecting skin. My BIL has lost half his ear to melanoma, and my sister has had more than 60 cancerous spots removed from her body in the past 5 years.)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  15. Hey Lori...
    Not sure how I found you....
    My maiden name was Lucas also!
    small world!
    Loved scrolling through your blog,
    Your family is Beautiful...such a blessing!
    Your tablescape is colorful and happy... my favorite kind...Love your creative runner!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Stop over when time allows...
    Love to have you too!

  16. Those plates are FANTASTIC! They do remind me of a Mexican village. Great find, and a lovely table. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  17. What perfect plates for Cinco de Mayo.Your red dishes set them of perfectly as does the red flatwear.I am craving some mexican food now!

  18. Cool setting, LOVE the square plates! Happy Cinco de Mayo:@)

  19. Love the vibrancy of your festive table!

  20. Oh my goodness, so colorful and so festive! Why can't I come up with ideas like that?? Please, please come share this post at my Fiesta-Cinco de Mayo linky party. I need more tablescapes and yours would be perfect! The link to it is: http://isavortheweekend.blogspot.com/2012/04/fiesta-cinco-de-mayo-linky-party.html. Hope to see you there!!!! Gracias, -Bev


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