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"Revealing" A Party Link...

 Before we knew that Leightyn was going to be Leightyn, we threw a big Gender Reveal Party for her parents. It featured owls and was themed "Whoooo Wants To Know?"
 Well, "WOOO HOOO" (pun intended), her gender reveal party is being featured on the website "What To Expect When You're Expecting"! They have (including my own party) seven gender reveal party ideas. 
 The link to our party, with lots of other pictures and details of the party can be found here
 Looking back reminds me of what a fun party that was. 
 You could use an owl theme and "Whooo Wants To Know?" anytime, but it worked out perfectly for the Fall season. Sooooooooo, if you are looking for a fun reveal party in the next couple of months, feel free to steal a few ideas! 
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  1. super cute, and congrats on your feature on the other site.

  2. Oh! Yummy! The cake looks delicious, reminded me of my baby shower cake. My sister booked one of the event halls for rent on that day and she got a cake just like this, trust me, nothing on earth tasted that yummy. Your blog made me nostalgic, my kid is now 2.


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