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Wedding Dishes on Wedding Anniversary!

I have not done a Tablescape since Father's Day.  I had big plans for my elaborate tablescapes all summer.  I even had them written out on what I would do each week.  Didn't happen.
But now that I am back at school and my time is limited, I decided to drag out the dishes! Go figure! What is up with that?
The dishes I dragged out weren't just any 'ole dishes.  They were dishes I got for my wedding.  In fact every single item on the table I received as a wedding present.
 Every napkin, placemat, silverware, dishes, candlesticks, napkin ring....everything you see was a wedding present.....32 years ago today (August 19th). 
 So I decided to drag it all out, to honor the day!

 I have absolutely every single piece they made to these dishes.  We've broken a couple of big plates and a bowl through the years, but for the most part, everything is in tact. I noticed the silverware was the one item where I had the most missing pieces. (Imagine that with 5 kids!!!)
 This is not fine china, just my every day dishes. I looked it up on Ebay and I found that there is quite an assortment of replacement pieces.

 We do not use this very often. My kids think it is because it is outdated. Really, I just don't want to break any of it by using it all the time.
 I remember going to Dillard's in Tulsa to pick out a pattern. I liked this one because of the blue and yellow.  All these years later and I still love the colors blue and yellow.

 I was also given this set of placemats and matching napkins. The placemats are reversible and I used them all the time in the early years.
 A lot of the extra serving pieces are just the white with the blue rim. I picked them out over the serving pieces that had the yellow poppy on them. I did that so I could mix and match them with other dish sets I had.  How funny that I was doing that long before it was so popular to do on Blogland!
I included the blue glass goblet and fruit compote that were also wedding presents as well as lots of candlesticks that were presents.

Believe it or not, I have 12 place settings of all these dishes. And, I did not even get the whole place setting out! I only got out the big plate and big bowl.
 Despite the dated look of the dishes, I prefer to call them 'vintage'!  
It was fun to drag it all out and put it together like the 'old days'. 
And, it gave me a great excuse to jump back into the Tablescape bandwagon.
As always, I have linked this to Susan and everyone that joins in the wonderful tablescapes.
I think we'll just use ours to celebrate now that it is all out!


  1. Really cute and I'm sure they brought back many great memories!

  2. Lori, those are such pretty dishes, love blue and yellow together. The stemware looks so nice with the placesettings.

  3. Oh, your dishes are just lovely, and I know they bring back wonderful memories! How fun to be a bride and choose dishes again! It's amazing you still have the full set, too. They are shown off beautifully on this table you've created!

  4. Blue, yellow, and white is my favorite color combination, so I'm loving your tablescape. I don't think they are dated; I think that they are beautiful! I hope that you'll take them out more often and use them. They are a wonderful treasure. Thank you for sharing your charming design, and happy anniversary! Cherry Kay

  5. I absolutely love these!! I used my mom's Strawberry Festival pattern which is very similar. I don't think they're dated either!! Beautiful table, and I love the color combination! I'm having a big Mikasa giveaway, so stop by!!

  6. What a terrififc way to celebrate your anniversary. I think the colors and the way everything goes together is just perfect. I got all teared up (really) thinking about those pieces surviving for 32 years. It is a perfect tribute to you and your family.

  7. Happy Anniversary! How nice you can celebrate with your original pieces!
    Have a beautiful weekend~
    ;-D Kathleen

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