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Here's The Scoop........

My daughter Taylor bought me the cutest gift. She found it at IKEA in Dallas. (That is our closest store, although we hear rumors they want to build one in OKC!)
 This is the heaviest little thing! And I guess it is really not that little.  It is a wooden case with five heavy-duty glass scoop/drawers.
Taylor thought it was just a really cute organizer thingymajig. But once I opened the box and got it all out, I found out that this is really supposed to screw up under the bottom of a kitchen cabinet.
 I chose to just keep it as is, and it sits on the shelf of my old pie safe.  At some point, I will paint the natural wood cabinet part, but for right now, it looks cute as is.

What I really love about it is that Taylor saw it and just imagined it would be something I would love and utilize.  She imagined it as something that it was not meant to be and it turned out so cute doing exactly that.
Each little scoop holds toppings for cupcakes.  SO handy when I am making something good to eat!


  1. There is nothing as sweet as a well thought out gift, either big or small. We have Ikea near by and it is quite an adventure to go through the whole store.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2010

    That is stinkin adorable! What a sweet daughter!!



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