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Tickled Pink...........................

When my daughter turned 27  (way)earlier this summer, she made her 'birthday dinner' request, then added that she wanted something a little different for her cake. (In our house the birthday honoree always gets to pick what the supper menu is, then traditionally, I make a giant chocolate chip cookie-cake with icing.)  
Oh, she still wanted the chocolate-chip cookie (with homemade buttercream icing), but in addition, she wanted a giant cupcake. Hmmmmmm. And one other request, which if you know Annie at all, it would not surprise you. She wanted everything in pink. Yes, I did write above that she was turning 27. Some girls are pink from birth and never outgrow it.  Annabelle is one of those girls!
 So I made the big chocolate chip cookie (I bake it on a big round pizza pan). I then used my giant cupcake pan and baked the cupcake. (I have found when using the pan that it always turns out better if I bake it separately: the bottom, then the top (or vice versa). Otherwise one part is always too done. 
 I then sat the giant cupcake smack dab in the middle of the giant cupcake. Yes, there is icing holding the bottom of the cupcake to the top of the cupcake. (Sometimes I also put icing into the bottom of the cupcake ala Hostess cupcakes!) This time though, when I mixed up my Buttercream frosting I kept some of it white and added pink (gel) foodcoloring to the rest. I used enough till I knew it was the color of pink that Annie loved. I added the sprinkles to go with the candles and topped the whole giant-cookie-cupcake with a cherry on top.  
 And because I already had a pink-confection mess going on in my kitchen, what is a few more pink cupcakes?
 Which just proves, once again, it is truly the little things in life that we do for one another that makes us happy, isn't it?
It is a new week. What can you do to make someone happy?

 I have linked this to Foodie Friday.... Fantabulous recipes!


  1. Anonymous8/02/2010

    I want to have my birthday at your house, we can start planning soon. It's in May....LOL!


  2. This is really a very fun party idea...and love the pink!!!

  3. Your a wonderful mother! You daughter will have many happy memories of growing up in such a loving home. Your cake is awesome!


  4. I love it!!! What a sweet memory for your daughter :)

  5. Your cookie cake turned out fantastic!! Your a great Mom -- Happy Birthday Annie!


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