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So Long Winter...Even If You Don't Want To Go!

This feels like the LONGEST winter.  Does it seem that way to anyone else? When I lived in Kansas I always thought February was the longest month of the year, not the shortest.  After having an unusually damp and cold Oklahoma winter this year, I am beginning to think the same thing again!
 That us why I am gathering up all of these......and

 all the hearts
                                       and him................

and a few more of these.....

and putting them far, far away, in the back of the holiday decorations storage. (When I see them again next year I will be happy, but this year, THEY HAVE TO GO!!)  They have worn out their welcome by inviting their relatives that live outside!!

Instead, I have been getting the "green" out of storage...

I am going to spend part of my day 'getting the green on' in my house.  Now if I can get Mr. Green to invite his outdoor friends and relatives for an extended visit!!

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  1. Anonymous2/23/2010

    YES AND YES!! February and March are very hard for me. It was great to have Sunday in Tennessee with 68 degrees and sun, however it is now cold and rainy BUT yes bring on the green!!!



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