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'Snow Kiddin'.....A White, Galvanized and Silver Tablescape'

JUST when I planned on doing a 'springy' time tablescape, here comes winter again.  Will it ever end????? In a 'keep my sanity because I am sick of winter' move, I decided to put away everything in my house that remotely looked like winter.  SOOOO, I decided to make a final tablescape with my cute little snowmen and winter dishes before they are put WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY in the back of the closet!
I combined different white dishes, some galvanized accents, vintage silver and lace.
Lots of layers (kinda like we have to wear in this weather!!)

The top salad plate has an embossed snowflake pattern. Very subtle and understated.

Galvanized snowflakes at each place setting. No two were alike...just like a real snowflake!  The snowflakes were picked up in the Christmas aisle at Wal-Mart several years ago. 

Add to that a little galvanized serving tray full of snowmen and snowflakes......
As unbelievable as it seems, I got these three little snowmen at 75% off at a Hallmark store after Christmas several years ago.  Who wouldn't want these little guys to come home with them?

                    The rest of the snowmen and snowflakes. The galvanized serving tray looks very much like the Pottery Barn tray.  This one is from Ross for less than seven dollars!
 My Grandmother's lace tablecloth from Belgium. Various textures of snowflakes sprinkled down the middle of the table, on each side of the centerpiece. 
                  Snowflake cookie cutters used as napkin rings.



 The giant snowflake in between the layers is also a Christmas ornament. I found them at the Dollar Tree. They are used in the tablescape only as decoration in the layering process.  
They do look lovely and lacey as they poke out the sides.



SNOW-Kiddin'....these things are going away for another year. Snow-way, snow-how do I want to see them again till I have experienced some warm weather!!! Hope you enjoy!  

  I have linked with:    http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/  for her Tablescape Thursday's.

Silver chargers--Wal-Mart
White plates with silver rim--Target clearance years ago
Giant white snowflakes-Dollar Store (this year at Christmas)
Snowflake salad plates-Wal-Mart (Christmas several years ago)
Galvanized snowflakes, various other snowflakes--Christmas decorations
Galvanized serving tray--Ross For Less
 Lace Tablecloth--from Belgium, very old
Flatware--Vintage (purchased at auctions)
Stemware-Wedding presents (YEARS!!! ago)


  1. This is really, really cute and original. I love the galvanized elements.

  2. I love that you layered all your ornaments in with the plates! And cookie cutters, too? Fantastic. You've got me thinking!

  3. Thanks so so much for coming over to Sweet Nothings. I LOVE your sweet blog and just signed up to follow.
    Your wintertime table is adorable...love the snow flakes, snowmen and especially the tray!!
    I love ANYthing that even resembles anything from PB. ! :O)
    I am the ONLY person in the Land of Blog that loves winter and is hanging onto it for dear life. *sigh...I am just a wintertime girl, I guess. Just love everything about it...

  4. Lori, that is the cutest table...love the centerpiece. I am sick of winter, too...enough is enough, bring on spring!

  5. Oh I love your snow table!! So appropriate for us here also! Love the layering of the snowflakes, and that tablecloth is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by...come again:-)

  6. Oh I love the snowmen! just darling. your tablescape looks lovely - perfect thing to cheer up a day of snow:)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  7. This is so beautiful and creative! I can't wait to see your St Patrick table, i think you were pulling my leg ;)

  8. What a great idea~mixing all those textures into a snow theme! Very unique and beautiful!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog..I've always wanted to do a 'book' tablescape, just never had the right reason to do it before!!

  9. I am with you on wanting winter to go away. I awoke to fresh snow this morning. But, I like the galvanized idea on your table. I'll try to remember it for next winter. Wish I could come across some of those snowflakes! Happy spring to you (soon)!

  10. This is fantastic. I love the fact that you had a different take on winterscape. The mix was eclectic as well as interesting. Can't see what you do in the spring.

  11. From one Lori to another....let it go Lori, let it go. Winter is over. Spring is coming I promise. Breathe in, breathe out. Now double tape those boxes of winter decor closed and put them away and bring out the daffodils.

  12. This is a lovely snowscape! I like how you used the cookie cutters for napkin rings! Good idea! The snowflake embossed plate is real pretty too. I put all my snow items away. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I want spring and sunny days. Joan

  13. Beautiful - and even though I'm TIRED of snow here in Western New York, I'd be happy to sit at this setting anytime! So much thought and beauty! Simply, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Great job!

  14. Clever idea and so beautifully done. Pat yourself on your back for this one. Jackie

  15. I, too, am ready for winter and especially snow to leave us. But I must say, your tablescape is just wonderful. I love the galvanized pieces and I am partial to snowmen so your centerpiece is spot on for me.

  16. Lori, beautiful tablecloth!!! Love the snowmen too. Awesome tablescape.

    Come visit if you have a chance.



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