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LOVE Isn't In The Falling.......

It's in the staying there........
 Thirty one and a half years later.....he still knocks my socks off.  I once read a quote by the wife of Rev. Billy Graham.  She said, "IF two people in the marriage are exactly alike.....then one of them isn't needed!"
What great words of wisdom.  I think of that quote when I see the picture of our tootsies!  Hubby really isn't that white. It is just he NEVER goes around without his shoes and socks.  On the other hand, I HATE to wear shoes....and feel suffocated if I have to wear socks. (Obviously this is a summer picture too, and I am a sun girl.) I know, I know, I have heard all the lectures about the sun!!...............I still love the picture. (If one can like pictures of (oh my!) feet.
We were SO young when we got together. Oh my goodness the growing up we still had to do!  I watch some of the very young couples on TV----or in real life-----that are starting out and they expect IT ALL.  I just sit back and shake my head.  
Do they have ANY idea what it means to start with nothing
and work your butt off to get everything you need?
The entitlement bothers me.
It also makes me realize that some of my best memories are the 
struggles and hardknocks 
we endured.  
That brought us closer together.
It made us rely on each other.
It made us strong.
It made us love each other even more.

It's knowing that at the end of each day, we have each other to go home to.  Comfort. Security. Peace. LOVE.
 It's cuddling up in the evening on the couch. One with a remote (guess who!) one with a book and a computer. It's not only accepting the differences (thank you Mrs. Graham!) but enjoying those differences.

Because we know that we may be two different people....
But we are one soul
Full of love 
for each other.
the family
we created.

LOVE isn't in the falling...
It's in the staying there. 


  1. Anonymous2/14/2010

    Oh my gosh that was beautiful Lori, man you write so well! Hmmm...guess that comes from being an English teacher huh! We are getting ready to celebrate 27 years on March 1 and I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Okay and I love how tan your feet are, I totally here you, I am such a no sock girl. I was even excited when I got my UGG boots cuz I don't have to wear socks with them. Give me cropped pants and flip flops and I'm a happy girl.

    Your family is so beautiful, absolutely precious.

    Happy Valentines Day my friend.


  2. Anonymous2/14/2010

    Oh and one more thing, I mean HEAR not HERE...(cleaing my throat) I mean you are an English teacher and I must use the proper spelling..LOL!

  3. Anonymous2/14/2010

    Will you do me a favor and put my new blog address on your sidebar...thank you. Okay I'm done now.


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