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Santa Sittin'

You've heard of baby-sitting I know. 
Well I have a bad case of "Santa-sitting".

 I Santa-sit for so many Clauses that I have to spread them throughout the house. On the hutch in our den are some of my very favorites. A very top Santa mug and the very small Santa mug are both vintage that I have had since I was a kid. A couple of the others are Dollar Tree mugs and I don't even remember the other one. When all mixed together you can't even tell the difference between any of them! 

 Last year I wrapped a bunch of cheapo used paperbacks in three different kinds of plaid gift wrapping. I used the plaid in my dining room here. This year I moved the books to the den. Plaid is throughout the house, but the books are on the hutch this year. In my house things are never the same from one Christmas to the next. Oh I use the same things every year, but I just mix them up every single year.....And of course add to the collection(s)! 

 My very good friend from Kansas sent me this new Santa this year. It is a stuffed ornament, but he looks very happy on the Santa shelves! He came from Nell Hills.
Isn't he cute?

 I used my good-ole-I-use-them-everywhere-gas-station-numbers on top of the hutch. The 5 is always on top of the hutch. I just added the 2 for the season! 

 See the old paperbacks that were transformed into cute decorating accessories? Cheap, quick and easy. 

 The plaid boxes were part of a plaid gift-box set I picked up at Wal-Mart. I never put anything in them, I just use them for decorating. Then I flatten them out and pack them away for another year. Another cheap, easy and quick idea. 

 This cute little Santa is made from an old fence post. I bought him at a garden center in Topeka after Christmas in 1999. You wonder how I remember that? Well remember how we were warned about the many dangers that awaited us as the computers turned to 2000? I bought this guy on New Year's Eve in 1999. Schewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....I got him just before NOTHING happened to all those computer systems! 

 I love the sentiment of the sign. ALWAYS welcome, I might add!!

 This Santa is probably my very favorite of all. My Granddad Flanagan brought him to me when I was about 4 years old. He was driving through our town on business and he stopped and gave my brother and me each one of these. It is really a bank. ....And when he gave us the bank(s), inside each one was $25 worth of rolled dimes. I have no idea how I remember that, besides the fact I loved it so much then and love it even more now. 

 Many of the "old" tins and the Santa top (above) are really reproductions...and cheap. When clustered together they all tend to help each other out and look (somewhat) better! 

 More of my lovely plaid boxes. I think there were about 5 boxes in the package. 

 The Merry Christmas plate is from Nell Hills many years ago. It is part of an entire dish line I wish I owned! I am happy with one plate though. It shows up somewhere different each year. 

 #25 happened to be my basketball number from high school basketball back in the (very) Dark Ages. It always makes me happy to see #25 anything! 

 Too much?  Perhaps. But it is Christmas. It makes the entire family happy. It is only for a few weeks every year. We love Christmas time. It is even better this year with a new babies in the family. We firmly believe that Christmas is for giving....and for giving back..........Lessons that can be taught through Santa. 

Thanks for stopping by and helping me to Santa-sit for a while! 
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  1. Too much? Impossible! You didn't mention the Chinese checker board. That's a clever addition to your montage :)

  2. So many great pieces. As a fellow Santa collector I am grinning as I look them all over.

  3. Lo, when I saw the #25, i thought first of your number in high school, THEN I realized it was for December 25!

  4. Oh what cute Santa's. Love them. I love Santa sitting myself. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  5. Love it all! My mom is a fanatic


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