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"More is More" on the Mantel

 I have lamented on here before about decorating my massive mantel. It is on a focal wall in our living room. The living room is our least used room in the house and the last one to be decorated. Since the fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, I like for it to always look nice.I seem to always stray from my moderate mantra when decorating the mantel and instead use the idea that "more is more".

 After I had taken about half of the pictures I remembered I had not turned on the fireplace chandies. I like how the flickering bulbs tie in with the giant gold frame...and this year Santa. 

 I'm usually a pretty simple person, but for the two Christmases we have been in this house, the mantel has tended more towards the "blingy" side. Last year I used red and silver and a "fire and ice" idea throughout the mantel. This year I brought in more golds to counter (and blend???) with the red and silver. 

 I bought the silver trees and wire reindeer at the Dollar General store probably 15 or more years ago. They were only a few dollars each. 
 I have no idea where I bought the Santa. My best guess is either Wal-Mart or Target...after Christmas. That is my usual method of operation. I got the giant red balls at K-Mart about ten years ago, and the silver balls are cheapola plastic that come in the big package. The red sequin shapes are all cheapo ornaments as well. The red "boingy" balls are from the floral section of the store and were bought after Christmas. I have used those things in the tree, in poinsettias, and as filler on shelves. This year they get to "boing" on the mantel. 

 Aren't the "boingers" great? I have them in red/green too on top of a hutch in the den

 I have to use three strands of greenery on this massive mantel to make it look the least bit full. I have probably 300 lights on top and another strand that drapes the front. I try to make sure there are always lights positioned next to the sparkly items. Of course it helps that this all sits in front of a gianormous mirror as well!

 The big chandy looks all sparkly and pretty both on and off when reflected with all the bling from this mantel.

 There are dozens of trolleys that go by our house each night during the holiday season. In addition, there are walking tours that travel our neighborhood. Because of that I like to leave the big door to our living room open and have the glass storm door where gawkers sight-seers can catch a glimpse. 

 I hope that my "more is more" attitude on the mantel looks festive to all visitors. 

 I also hope that the "More is More Mantel" made with Wal-Mart, Target, KMart and Dollar General decorations just shows that things can be decorated on the cheap and still look nice.
Does Christmas ever bring out the "more is more" attitude in you? 

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  1. Your mantel is BEAUTIFUL! It tells a "big story"!
    In my opinion, while it is "full" of items, it is simple/unified in color. You have created the BEST of BOTH worlds. How I'd love to take a trolley-ride past your house and around the neighborhood :)

  2. I am glad you showed the individual pieces because I couldn't grasp how pretty they are from the full mantle shot. It is a really big mantle isn't it. You do a great job of decorating it for Christmas.

  3. Your mantle is gorgeous! Your photography is great and you so speak my oingy language. I bet the people passing by say ooohhhh and aahhhh!

  4. Ha - I thought I was the only one who put 'too much stuff' on their mantel. Glad to have some company. Looks great - more is more!


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