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We're Off to See The...Quilt!

 A couple of weeks ago, one of my mother's best friends (and a friend of mine as well!), was down-sizing from her family home to a smaller apartment. She was having a big sale and getting rid of years worth of wonderful collections. My mom, being the savvy bargain hunter that she is, headed over to her friends house to check things out. Yes, my mom did buy several things (for me and herself!!). But it was this gift that absolutely made my day. Or week. Or month! 

 Our friend held this hand-stitched quilt out of the sale, and instead gifted it to me for becoming a grandmother. Wait till you see how sweet this baby quilt actually is! 
 Our friend cross-stitched the entire quilt herself. That makes it even more special in my book, because every time I think of it, I will think of sweet MFH. It is in absolutely perfect, mint condition (as was everything from her house.) 
 What makes it even more special is that the quilt is all about the Wizard of Oz. When my children were 1 to 8 years old,  I made Wizard of Oz costumes for the group. I stayed up the entire night before Halloween trying to get all five costumes done.  At the time I had never seen a "group" go in a themed costume set. I think it is more common now. That night, my little gang of five turned many heads. Luke (the 1 year old) was the scarecrow. Coulter (the 2 year old) was the lion. Taylor (the 5 year old was Dorothy (and carried Toto)). Annie, (then 7) was Glenda the Good Witch and Fielding (8 years old) was the  Tin Man. We lived in Oklahoma at the time and had no thoughts of moving. 
 Later on that year we did in fact make a move to Kansas (home of the Wizard of Oz, of course!). It was like it was fate. I had dressed my crew up as the Oz characters and then we moved 350 miles away to the Land of Oz, where we would live for the next 17 years. Every time we made the trek back to Oklahoma, we went through Sedan, Kansas, that has a huge memorial to the movie/book, replete with yellow brick roads and characters on Main Street. 

 So when my mom told me that MFH had given me a hand-made baby quilt I was very excited. When I saw it and realized it was the Wizard of Oz, I was just ecstatic...and touched. The small details in the quilt are just wonderful. The lion has a 3-D tail. Dorothy has 3-D braids. There is a yellow brick road throughout the quilt and yellow X's all around the edge. 

We have a bedroom at our house that will be "Leightyn's Room" (and all future granddaughters!). I have the cutest four poster twin beds for the room. I had not begun to decorate it yet, as I was waiting on Leightyn to get big enough to enjoy the room. I had not really thought about what I would put in to the room besides the cute beds. 
 Then I received this quilt and I knew instantly the colors of Leightyn's room at our house. This quilt will take center stage and the muted primaries will be my colors-of-choice. 
 How cute is the cowardly lion?

 And the scarecrow and tin man. Be still my heart. (Like that pun?)

 Even the mean-ole witch is not too mean looking. (Thank goodness!!) 

 The outside edge is finished with a double edge of ric-rac. Just as cute as can be. Can you see why I want to use the colors from the quilt for the room? 
 It will not be a Wizard of Oz room, but will just showcase the quilt which sets the color tones. 
The quilt is so exquisite, that I do not want to take away from it by bringing in any more Oz things..... Unless it was of course one certain picture.......
Of my own little Oz bunch!
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  1. I loved hearing your story, I'm such a huge Wizard of Oz fan have been since I was little. What a great post and a beautiful quilt.

  2. Great quilt. Everything about it is special. You have a beautiful palette of colors to use for the room. It will be adorable.

  3. The quilt must be very special to you. It is so charming. I love vintage needlework and linens. The time and patience that went into making them is what makes them so meaningful. Enjoy!

  4. I just found you through Metamorphosis Monday...What a sweet quilt, the embroidery is lovely so much love and time went into making this one of kind quilt. Such a treasure.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. I love all things WOO and your quilt is no exception! I would love for you to link up this wonderful post on Friday's Favorite Pin!
    Have a blessed day.

  6. Darling quilt, but that photo is the best!! What a clever mom you are.

  7. Anonymous8/24/2012

    I have this quilt also! I made mine... love the Wizzard of Oz! b Ronnell

  8. Oh my, that is adorable! What a lucky girl! I'm drooling. Here visiting from Savvy Southern Style.


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