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One For The Books

Believe me when I say I did not plan this. At least consciously.  Probably somewhere in the mesh which is my brain though, there was some subconscious planning going on! 

 I did not plan to have three posts in a row about books. It just happened. I did not even realize it until it was a done deal. 
 Do you think it had something to do with the fact that books are my business and I have been back at school for a couple of weeks? 
 Well for whatever reason it is what it is. I'm telling you, I have books all over my house! 
 I had taken down my summer sea shell mantel. I wanted something that would take me through late summer and in to early fall. I was trying to think of muted colors. I thought of my big bag of pine cones. Then I remembered I had the big urn full of twig balls. I pulled those out. 
 I decided to do the twig balls instead of the pine cones. Then (my wandering) mind thought of the big crock bowl in the cabinet and I pulled it out. 
 I was still thinking "muted colors", "muted colors". Then it hit me. I went to the big armoire where I keep my (very old family) books and pulled the ones that were browns and greens. 
 I put the books, twig balls and crock bowl on the fireplace. I loved all the different textures together. But I knew we still needed a few more fillers. So then I pulled my large alphabet balls and some brown glass balls I have. 
 Finally I saw my little glass platter with alphabet letters all over it. Perfect colors and theme. I put that on the fireplace. Then I tweeked. 
 I decided I was in love. So many textures. So many elements. From the fancy gold frame to the twigs. From leather book covers to colored book pages. It was perfect to take me into Fall. 
 I took pictures after school earlier in the week. Tonight I opened up my pictures and it hit me. What the heck is going on with me and books? First I did the Virtual English Teachers Back to School lunch. Then I rearranged my "use-all-the-time-bookcase."  
Now a fireplace mantel full of books. 

 And the alphabet.

 And textures.

 And my Mom's own signature from a book when she was  young. (And the book cost $11.25. Can you imagine? Wow! I guess that tells you that I come from a long line of book lovers!)

 And my grandfather's old pocket watch. (I thought it represented how people I lose track of time when immersed in a good book.)

 So there you have it. A very unplanned late summer mantel....resounding with special memories. 

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  1. Wow, I love it!! The alphabet balls are so adorable. Your newest follower from TTT! :)

  2. I couldn't decide whether to "pin" this on my "White Mantels" board or "Book Decor"!!! This is such a WONderful arrangement. I'm going to try to duplicate it....May incorporate the globe that's there now....but def. will add BOOKS!!!!!

  3. YOur mantle vignette is very "smart" indeed! I love old books too... even their must smell. You carried the book/letter theme beautifully throughout your entire mantle!
    Thanks for sharing this great mantle with old books with us at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  4. I just love finding new friends that are as passionate about books as I am! I will have to do a post about my dining room table that I recently tablescaped with books, candlesticks, nest... and more books! Your photos are beautiful and such a pleasure to view. Great post!

  5. I love this post! I have books all over my house too, and most of them are brown or green! I like the old ones that are frayed a bit. You have a great book collection.

  6. Those are so beautiful. I recently bought an antique Big Ben clock and it is crying out for some books like that to sit upon. Seeing yours has convinced me that is exactly what I need to find.

  7. I love your mantel and the layers and stacks of old books. You have some nice ones. I love using my old books for vignettes, too.

  8. Love the frame on the big on the big mirror and all the textures!

  9. So beautiful! I am a book lover myself, but have nothing in my household like your leather-bound volumes! I wish more people would realize the importance of books. If they watch the t.v. series "Revolution" for instance, where there is no electric power or any kind of battery power at all, that renders everything internet, etc. dead and gone. Books are forever. Perhaps if Farenheit 451 was made mandatory reading in high school, more people would "get it." Each of my books was purchased with hard-earned money and over 40 plus years of reading, and each one is special to me. I still buy books today, despite electronic readers. I cannot fathom buying books just because they have a pretty binding or buying "junky" books and wrapping them up in white paper to make a decorative statement. But as it is, I just sigh and especially enjoy blogs like yours. I'm adding you to my list of favorites and will be back to visit again. Found you at Centsational Girl's linky party on autumn mantles.


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