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Found Funnel Fun!

 It all started when I found this big galvanized funnel in my parent's greenhouse. It was not being used, so I kind of cabbaged on to it! 

 I knew instantly what I was going to do with it. I brought it home and "cleaned" it up....As much as you can an old galvanized piece. 

 Then I promptly set about ordering a kit to make lights. The reason I opted for this kit over the average Lowe's/Home Depot kit was because of the red cord. A red cloth cord. Really. Brand-spankin' new, but made to look like an old time cloth cord. (And for those of you that don't love red, the cords come in all colors.) 

 You can also opt to get the cords hard-wired or plug in. Obviously, I chose the plug-in. It also comes with a little on/off switch that goes on the cord, that you can put anywhere in the length of cord.
 The cords come in different lengths as well. I chose a long cord so that it would give me more options....And because I love that red cloth cord. It was super easy to make the funnel into a light. 
 Then I had one more idea. Why stop at a red cord?  Why not "brighten" up the funnel a little? 
 So I used my Annie Sloan Emporer's Red chalk paint to paint a stripe. 

 The chalk paint gives it that not-too-new-look. Perfect for an old funnel. 
 My original idea was to put it over my washer and dryer. But then we have this "room" that needed a light. It is our pantry. It is actually a mini-room that we turned into a pantry. EVENTUALLY we are going to put in permanent shelves and then barn doors to cover all the food products. In the meantime, the room/pantry needed a light. 

 So I put a hook (well my son did) and we ran our super-cute-red-cord down the wall and to the plug-in below. 

 It will probably. maybe. eventually. get moved into the laundry room. In the meantime it is doing a good job illuminating all our food in the pantry room. 
Do you have something that could be made into a light with a super-cute-long-red-cloth (or any other color) cord?

By the way, I looked on Etsy just to see if there were any "funnel lights" for sale. There actually were. Let me tell you, those things are pricccceyyyy! 
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  1. Very creative, I love the looks of this, way better than buying something shiny and new.

  2. This is so creative. Love it! Your post is so inspirational. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  3. What a thrifty idea! Would look so good in our farmhouse. I think we have one of those somewhere! I need to find it, don't I?


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