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Just Hangin'

Any teacher will tell you, that one of the best perks of teaching is having summers off. (Believe me, we earn it most of the time!!) Nine months of eight hour days with 16, 17 and 18 years old can drive me....well batty at times! So when summer comes around, the living is easy. I have spent the last couple of days just puttering around the house getting things done that were easy, but had been pushed to the side during the school year.
First up was this new massive frame I got for Mother's Day. It is always wonderful to have five children, but Mother's Day with five children (and a granddaughter now!!) is like Christmas. I got lots of presents. Among them was this frame.
It is huge, heavy, old, wood and very ornate. It has been covered in gold-leafing. There are a few flaws on it, but that just makes it better. When I first got it, I imagined that I would just lean it up on the fireplace and put it the other way. But the frame is so big, that it did not fit between the sconces. So, I wired it oh-so-carefully right above the mirror. (Look close and you will see.) My mother has given me many, MANY suggestions for what to put IN the frame. She just does not "get" the whole idea that I like the empty frame as is. And I do love it. I decorated the summer mantel (I spelled it correctly the first time. WOOHOO!) today. I will have to show you that later this week. 
I also gathered up my E-6000 glue, some picture hangers and a whole lot of things I wanted to hang. I used the what-does-the-E6000-not-work-on?-glue to put on the back of the things I wanted to frame. I put picture hangers on plates, frames, wooden letters, and even a pair of oars. I also glued something to the back of that L tin you see. I will show you all that tomorrow too. If you haven't tried E6000 glue, then you are missing out!
I was hanging big old frames. I was hanging plates and oars...and I was "hanging" out with my pups. Since I got out of school, I have one of the pups that is my shadow. Mr. Abraham follows me wherever I go. When I got on the floor to glue hangers to everything, he patiently waited on me to finish! Aww, I love summer and just hangin'!

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  1. Frame looks FABULOUS!!! I think we should start a blog about our dogs.....I would have a plethera of blogs!!!!


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