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Mini Eats for Plus-Size Appetites

After a 17 day Christmas vacation, a moderate case of Holiday Letdown, and then being back at school (with two nights of concession stand duty till after nine already under my belt), my brain is just not in The Blog mode yet. I haven't thought of things to write. So, in the struggle for topics, I resort to food.
 Over the holidays, one of my sons pointed out to me that I tend to enjoy making food in a miniature size.  He wasn't griping about it, as he eats--and treats-- the mini-size food as if it is a snack...and therefore eats up! 
Mini-size treats?  What is better than mini grilled cheese sandwiches (made with Pepperidge Farm mini bread).
Mini fried or baked pies. (Remember when I showed you that whole stack of pie molds I have?)

 Sliders..The ultimate mini.  I use buns/rolls from Target.

 Mini cheesecakes --cookies and cream and banana split! (Remember when I showed you the super cool mini cheesecake pan I bought?

 Mini pizzas...all because I found these uber cool mini pepperonis at the store. (On a side note, I also bought the mini turkey pepperonis and my sons did not like those at all!)
 And finally, mini-cinis.  What is better than, or more tasty than, a bite-size cinnamon roll
 I even used my mini-cheesecake pan to make the mini-cini's. I am sure you could also put them in a mini-muffin pan as well.  Either way, it retains the miniature size. (The great thing about the cheesecake pan is that the entire cini pops out with the moveable bottom and it does not tear up the roll.)
 Pop the cinnamon rolls on a sucker stick and you have a cute little bouquet to take to a friend.  (As seen in the photo a few above.)

No matter which mini you choose for your family, make sure you make plenty of mini's!  They disappear quickly!


  1. Anonymous1/05/2011

    You are like the Paula Deen of Oklahoma I swear! How do you find the time to cook and bake such wonderfulness and teach? You are one amazing woman.


  2. A BIG thank you for all your minis! The mini cinis are adorable. Wonderful and fun post!

  3. That looks like fun but I'd eat too many because they are minis and then I'd be more maxi....lol..

  4. Love all the mini's. The mini cinis are so cute!!

  5. All these minis look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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