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Buns In The Oven......

I love to cook. I have always loved to cook. I have made cinammon rolls for as long as I can remember.  Yes, they are time consuming, but SO worth the effort.  BUT if you use the cinammon roll recipe from Pioneer Woman's new cookbook, you will become a cinammon roll-making-fool!

The recipe is fast and easy.

It makes a lot of rolls with one recipe....Which is a good thing because they disappear very quickly!

The dough can sit in the icebox for three days....just waiting on you to roll them into deliciousness.

I work full-time teaching high school English. That provides me with lots of homework each night.  I have to commute 40 minutes each way to work. Then two or three days per week, after work, I have to go 40 minutes the opposite direction from my home (and work) to visit and take care of my mom. (She has been bed-ridden since October.)  The point of this is that no matter how busy we are, these are super quick and easy to make. Almost every time I go to visit my parents I take several pans of cinammon rolls and bake them after I get there.
These cinammon rolls are a treat.  They are delicious.  They can be made quickly, no matter HOW busy you are.  I have added extra ingredients as well, such as brown sugar, raisins and nuts.
Check out the Pioneer Woman cookbook.
Your tastebuds will thank me!


  1. I sure wish I had a cinnamon roll looking at this. I went to pioneer womans looking for the recipe -is it the ones with maple icing?
    Love your photography also.
    Be blessed!

  2. Yes. That is the recipe. It is so easy to make. Funny thing tho, I never add the maple to the icing! I just do it with vanilla or almond! But I am sure the maple is good too.


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