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CAKEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the Queen of Cakeballs.

Today we finally had our last Christmas. The weather here over the past week prevented previous plans, and today was the first day that everyone  (my brother and sister and their spouses and children, along with our parents) could be together. It was great.  It was actually fun having it a week later.  The endless 'get it done', 'be here', 'go there' that is so pervasive at Christmas was gone.  We even commented that it might have to become an annual affair to get together on New Year's weekend to celebrate our Christmas!  Well since it was a non-traditional Christmas celebration, we also had non-traditional Christmas food as well.  I made meatballs and cakeballs.  I thought I would post the recipe for the always popular meatballs later, but tonight I wanted to post about the cakeballs.  (If they ever upload!!!!!)....I have posted pictures of cakeballs I  made for various get-togethers in the past.  I made over 700 of them for my nieces wedding in July and there was not a single cakeball left!!!  I make them in all flavors and my decorating is basic at best. (Although if it does ever upload I included a picture of the "bride" and "groom" cakeballs I did for the wedding.)  If you have not made cakeballs, then get on the cakeball bandwagon!  They are simple to make and are the most popular item at every party.  I keep cakeballs in various stages of "made" in my freezers at all times.  That way I can have them ready in no time at all.  The beginning of a new year is a great time to try new things.  Have a ball....make some cakeballs!

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  1. Anonymous1/03/2010

    Oh my goodness, I have never heard of a cakeball and "I love cake" as we both know...LOL!! Those would have been awesome at my daughter's wedding. I should make those but then freeze them so I wouldn't eat them...but oh wait I love frozen cake.



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