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March Madness in the Kitchen

 With March Madness going on, what could be better than having your own 'basketball court' in the kitchen? One table, some tape (and it helps to have a great son) and you can have one too!

My family puts the "fan" in "fanatical"!!  My husband and I both grew up playing organized sports. My husband played ball in college.  We then passed that love of athletics onto our five children.  All five of our children played ball as they grew up.  Two of my boys played college ball and one of my daughters was a college cheerleader. When my sons finally finished playing organized baseball, it meant that my husband and I had been going to the children's baseball games for 21years!!

That does not even count football, basketball, soccer, track meets, swim meets......well you get the picture.
So, as you can imagine, March Madness brings excitement for my family.  Everyone loves to watch the games, fill out their brackets and have a little family competition.  

 With all that in mind, then you probably won't be surprised that my son Luke installed our own version of a basketball court right in the middle of our kitchen. No, it's not 94 feet long, but it is to scale.

 Luke was very precise.  That is how he is.

Even though I want to have a zinc or a steel top made to put on the table, he used this.  It is not permanent. 
(Although Luke wouldn't mind if it were!)

I kept thinking he would slap on a little tape here and a little tape there and call it a day. Nope.  He meant business.

Starting to get the picture?  Now you know what he is doing???

 The court is almost finished, but he still has other plans.

 Once again, he has to be precise!!!!

 I'm pretty sure (????) that the glue stick residue will be removable!

And then we had our own basketball court.  Right in the middle of our kitchen.

Our 'court' even has a black border all the way around. The perfect table to host a few "March Madness" Marathon basketball afternoons.  In fact it is SO good, that I plan to use it for my Tablescape Thursday. Stay tuned for that.  

In the meantime, we'll just be enjoying our own March Madness basketball court in the middle of the kitchen, thanks to Luke!


  1. Anonymous3/20/2010

    Way to go Luke. My son would think that was AWESOME!! I filled out a bracket too and I had Murray State and they lost today....ugh! My son poked fun at me cuz I had them in my final four. Well what the heck do I know??? Also, I think you have not stopped by in awhile...hmmmm.....


  2. Lo,
    Luke's idea was awesome! And he's lucky to have such an easy going mom!

  3. How cute! Luke did a great job!

    I hope you'll drop by AtticMag to see what Jane did for Met Monday.

  4. How totally fun! Good job Luke!

    If you have a minute I would love for you to stop by Life As Lori to join my party Get Your Craft On Thursday! It happens each Thursday and I would love to see you there!

  5. Wow, now that is showing some BB spirit !

  6. Wicked! Love the table - I'm from KY so we're crazy about March Madness too - GO CATS!

  7. I am super impressed by your son! I hope my son (who is 3) is as creative as yours someday!

  8. What a Guy! My husband would love to come to your table, I am sure!

    Scribbler at

  9. How adorable! It's just perfect for the basketball crazed.

  10. I got a real kick out of this! I have a Luke also. I can't believe how precise he was. Hope the glue stick comes off :)

  11. I have the same history of watching my kids play sports for soo many years.. my girls played softball since they were 4 and 6 and now that they are adults... well lets just say I miss it. I do still get to watch my son for a few more years. Anyway, very cool.. Love it!

  12. Great idea! Love the table.

  13. Anonymous3/23/2010

    What a great way to make good use of the kitchen table. Sports court, who would think? You should be marketing this idea -- I predict a winner.

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