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A Shelf Life

 We still have a few things left to do in the 'new' old kitchen for Phase 1 of the remodel. There is an outside door that needs walled up and cabinets put up over the new wall. I also still have a little painting to do. 
 I still need to putty and paint the railing in the picture above. I need to just buckle down and spend a day during the weekend getting it all done. In the meantime, I am loving one of my favorite presents the Hubs got me for my birthday a few weeks ago. 
 He got this cute little galvanized shelf in the plant part of Target. It works perfectly in our new kitchen. The wall light right above the shelf is also galvanized. I will need to put my cow pictures somewhere else.....Or else move the shelf. 
There are several places in the kitchen where the shelf would work, so I will probably play around and see which works best. I need to style the shelf as well. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying it's cuteness. These can also be ordered online from Target.
What about you? Plans for the weekend? 


  1. I was in Target today and saw your new shelf. Made me think of you! Your kitchen is looking so nice. Enjoy your weekend!

    Cynthia's Vintage in Virginia

  2. Your kitchen looks fine, I think you should use more vibrant colors on the walls to make it more attention-grabbing and functional too.

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