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Come and Sit A Spell....

Continuing with my love for the red, white and blue!
 I have mentioned before that I live in a historic district of a historic Oklahoma town. We have trolley cars that come by all the time. 
 But, even before we lived here, I LOVED to decorate for summer. I like to put the red, white and blue up for Memorial Day and take it down by mid July. Having all the trolleys come by, just makes sure I get things up on time and to keep things neat! 
 When we moved here, the house had sat empty for three years. There was not a single piece of landscaping alive. We are slowly trying to bring back some landscaping. 
 We also have plans to paint the house. We have painted three large sections around back trying to narrow down our favorite gray. We are now down to our favorite two. 
 We will not paint until Fall anyway, just because of the Oklahoma summer heat and the amount of painting that has to be done. 
 I really want to brick the front porch floor as well. That is on down the road though. 
 In the meantime we enjoy sitting out on the porch in the evening, talking to neighbors, watching people walk by....
Just like what probably happened 100 years ago when the house was built.

 There is enough room for many to sit with us! 

 Remember that wreath I made with Dollar Store tulips in the spring? It has had no problem withstanding our crazy Oklahoma weather. I kept it on the door and just added a trio of flags. 

 I had a garage sale last weekend, and so many people told me they enjoyed my porch and upstairs balconies all decked out. Several people even asked where I bought all the banners. (Terry's Village..online).  Actually, the porch faces west, so the banners also help shield the evening sun! They are doing double-duty!
 With lots of outside work to do on the house (in due time), I love it when it is decked out to celebrate America!  (Tomorrow we'll do part three of the red, white and blue...around the house.)
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  1. Such a festive porch, so ready for the Fourth. Nothing more relaxing than time to sit on the porch.

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE your porch, such a warm & inviting place to pass the time.



  3. Love your porch . . . love the columns . . . love all the patriotic decor

    Everything looks great.

  4. Such a cheerful, welcoming porch and home! Every little touch just adds more charm! I'm a new follower now. Oh, and the pic of Leightyn is so sweet. Visit me sometime at Cynthia's Vintage in Virginia.


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