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When "No Good" came to the Neighborhood!!--Tell All Tuesday

I have mentioned before (several million times) how our new (old) house is in an idyllic neighborhood.

The neighborhood decorates for each season.

We have "block" parties, that are really "neighborhood" parties. They welcome the "newbies" like us, and tell us the neighborhood lore.

At the end of our block sits this house. Yes, house. It is owned by a couple. The house, called The Dominion House,(oh my gosh, check out the web site!!) was an orphanage in its former life. Before being bought and renovated. It is now used as a fabulous place to get married...or just hold a party.
Sometimes block parties are held here.
The couple that own it, live in the gardeners 3000+ sq. ft. "cottage" in the back.

We have cute little trolley's that 
come by every day several times,
giving tourists the grand tour.

These are our neighbors that live across the street.
The husband is a drug deputy in a neighboring county. 
He keeps his "drug dog" in his back yard.
His wife is a professor at OSU in the veterinary school.
Last night Mr. Deputy-in-another-county had gotten off 
work and was in his driveway (where you can see his police car if you look closely)
talking to a police dispatcher friend
from this town.
The dispatcher had just gotten off work too.
While they were in their driveway talking, they saw 
three figures run through my yard.
So Mr. Deputy and Mr. Dispatcher 
stealthfully ran around to the front of his house 
and hid in the bushes.
They watched as the three figures went
into our garage and tried to break in
to each of our cars.
This was really just a matter of minutes.
In the meantime they called the local police.
Then Mr. Deputy and Mr. Dispatcher sprang into action.
They crossed the street into my yard and each of them 
grabbed one of the perpetrators. 
The third one tried to get away, 
but somehow
Mr. Deputy-in-another-county and Mr. Dispatcher
trapped #3 all the while holding onto #1 and #2.
Actually #1 tried to get away, but Mr. Deputy-in-another-county put his foot out and lassoed him at the knee.
(So cool!!)
By then the local police were on the scene.
Apparently this trio had been quite busy over the last several months throughout our quaint little town.
They had a fourth accomplice that drove the car and hid
in the alley's waiting on #1, #2, and #3 to bring the loot.
The accomplice "got away" last night, but
according to the police
they now know who they are looking for.
In the meantime, all the commotion got the attention
of my children that were home.
My son Coulter and my daughter Taylor went outside to 
see what was going on.
 The trio were 
handcuffed and sitting in our yard
while the police investigated.
The police tolf them how our neighbor sprang into action
and stopped the robbers before they 
got off with loot from our house or cars.
I think it was the fact that they trapped #3 beside 
my daughter's car...
or just the fact that someone had the gall to do that
in our neighborhood...
but it did not set well with Taylor.
According to 
Mr. Deputy-in-another-county
my "spitfire daughter" went ballistic
on the would-be-robbers.
He said she "got in their faces" and "read them the riot act".
She told them if they were in school or had jobs
then they would be too tired to go out robbing
people that work hard for what they have.
Mr. Deputy-in-another-county said that Taylor
"shouted" at the trio everything he always wants to say.
He was very impressed.
I told Taylor that I didn't know if what she did 
was commendable
or stupid.
I hope they don't seek revenge for having a girl tell them off!
In the meantime,
my neighbor and his buddy 
broke up the local theft ring.
We did not lose a single thing.
I did make sure that 
Mr. Deputy-in-another county and 
Mr. Dispatcher knew
how much I appreciated what they did!


  1. Bravo!!!!!! I'm so glad the wonderful neighbors nabbed those suckers before they could steal, and frankly I'm sure Taylor said what most of us wish we had the opportunity to say.

    I despise criminals, large or small!

  2. Wow! Awesome. Hooray for the neighbors and your daughter.


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