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A Tisket, A Tasket, an Easy little Door Basket!

Even when I try to catch up, I cannot catch up! Geeeez. I uploaded these pictures on Tuesday and am just now going back to them. That is lame! 
Nevertheless, here is my lame-o late post! I got the cute little baskets at Nell Hills in February. They were only $5 a piece. They are not the huge basket that she carries at times, but just a cute little purse-size basket. I had the ($1 a piece) carrot/bats that I bought to use in pictures of Leightyn. (The bat part of the giant carrot is down in the basket. And you never would have known, if I had not told, right???) 
I added the oh-so-popular-three-years-ago-green-bunny. I added a few cute green pom flowers. I stuffed a little rafia around and tied on an orange ribbon. For less than $10 I have a cute spring-time basket for my front door.
(It was really just $8, since I only bought the carrots and basket. But I used the carrots for pictures and will reuse the basket, so I say SCORE that bargain!!)
On the back door I used the other basket, added some more carrots, but used some daisies and a plaid ribbon. Once again, for under $8 I have a cute welcome-spring basket. I will redo it in a few weeks to welcome early summer. 

The best part of the door baskets.......It took me about 10 minutes total to create the two of them!
(I know, I know, you're saying, "and it looks like it too!!")
Well, they look cute from the road!!

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