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Mickey Mantle and Easter. (What????!!!)

 I don't know if better late than never is necessarily true, but just wanted to check in to let you all know that I am still among the living. (Of course we need to take into consideration that two very long days and nights are ahead of me as we decorate for prom and have the prom.!)
 The better late than never part applies to the fact that despite taking these pictures weeks ago, I am just now posting them....AFTER the fact! I really did decorate for Easter, like I said on my post-spring break posting. I even decorated our front porch. (Although I won't make you look at those pics!) 

 There is not one single thing new on this mantel...(although I got that groovy old PB wood box for my birthday in January from my sister.) It is the same wood box that I had the blue willow pitchers and creamers in earlier. A multi-purpose box. I like those kind! 
 While we are on the subject of mantels, I'll let you in on a little idiosyncrasy of mine: For the life of me, I can never remember how to spell the word 'mantel'.  Nine times out of ten I will spell it 'm-a-n-t-l-e'.  And then nine times out of ten I will have to look it up (on dictionary.com) and see that I am (once again) profoundly wrong. OH MY GOSH.  I am an above average speller. I can read and decipher and infer and syncopate any type of literature. I can write technically, narratives, expository style, AP style, and persuasively, but I cannot spell the dang word "mantel". (I JUST spelled it wrong again and had to go back and look to see the 'right' way!!!!)  One night when I had done a whole post on a mantel (got it right) I had decorated, I finished the post only to discover I had spelled it wrong all 500 thousand times.  (again) OH MY GOSH!!!  
 The night I did that I was screaming at the computer and myself and my (sweet) Hubby came to see what was wrong. I told him the sordid secret of my mantle/mantel problem.  Without blinking an eye, he told me that I spell it "M-a-n-t-l-e" because I am from Oklahoma and that is how Mickey Mantle (a fellow Okie) spelled his name, so I am always thinking of that!!  Of course.....!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha!!!   All roads always lead to some kind of ball tale in our house!!  So now I blame my mantle/mantel problems on Mickey. 
 Anyway, as you can see, I had my (mickey) mantle/mantel all decorated for Easter. And now you have to view it a week after-the-fact! And hear about my stupid spelling errors! 
 I should have put some kind of white runner under the Dumpster Diva on this dark buffet, but that indeed is the beloved Dumpster Diva herself decorated up for the Easter holiday. The fun piece that I write about every couple of months is one of my favorite gifts. (If you have never read about it on here, my daughter Taylor found it in the trash and brought it home to me.) 
 This little bunny was part of a set that was in my oldest daughter's nursery 29 years ago. I held onto this one and still think it is just very cute. (Even the crayon marks are cute!!)
 The sugar egg is one that was made by one of my cousins more than 35 years ago. It is solid sugar and still in good shape. I wrap it up in a ziplog bag after Easter and put it away in a cool, dark closet until the next year
 The Peter Rabbit books are two that I got from a stash of children's books that were left at the house my parents moved into over 40 years ago. I got the entire stash and these are just two of the great-in-super-condition-books!
And finally, this is just a not-so-good-snapshot of our Easter table. This picture was taken right before we ate a pre-Easter meal and there is a lot of extra stuff on the table. But I thought I would include the snippet of what our table looked like. Now I am off to prom for the next two days. It should be fun! Two days of decorating with 16 and 17 year olds, then a night of promming (new word) with 16-18 year olds! Can't wait! Enjoy your own weekend! 

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