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Signs of the Times

 I have a great old
huge, metal
 street sign that I bought at
an auction
years ago.
When I bought it people looked at me like
"She's a weird one, that girl!"
In fact, I actually have two identical signs,
as they just threw the second sign in
as no one else wanted them.
 Woo to the Hoo! 
Lucky me!
Two HUGE street signs
for the (meager) price of one.
 I also love the
spelled out like that.
Nevertheless, police order says
on July 4th!
I still love it...
all these years later!
 Probably my favorite sign though
would have to be the one
right by my back door.
I got this one
in a pile of "junk".
I've been collecting old signs
long before
others thought they
were cool!
They are so much fun
to put around the house.
I keep a towel handy
for those that
don't want
any tan lines!
Have a great 4th!
Take a minute to pray for
the leaders of this great nation,
and for those in the Armed Forces...
then celebrate!
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  1. Love those old signs, those are awesome, especially the second one...LOL!

  2. Lori, Fabulous signs and I especially love the swimsuits optional. I hope you are having a great 4th!


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