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Beauty Before Age.....

The year was 1981. Not even kidding.
 My dad bought this dresser....and two others similar to it...
at an auction for $15.
That means each dresser cost him $5.
 I was pregnant at the time with my oldest son, Fielding.
My dad stripped the dresser down,
and redid her.
I was living in Houston at the time, and he sent the
redone dresser down to me
to use in my newborns nursery.
Those first few months
it was even a changing table.
For the next (almost) 30 years,
the dresser has served us in
many ways,
and many rooms.
In the same condition
as when my dad redid her....in 1981!
Until Friday.
This little dresser got some new duds.
I painted the drawers Louis Blue chalk paint.
Then if you look closely,
you can see
where I dry-brushed Duck Egg chalk paint
over the drawers in spots.

 This sweet little dresser has
dove-tailed drawers....
that all still work!
 While I did like the original hardware,
sometime in the last (almost!) 30 years,
we lost a knob
and broke another.
So I went to Hob Lob for knobs. (say that 3 times.)
 I painted the body and the top
of the dresser in
Old White chalk paint.
 I distressed and put on a very
dark wax
that I mixed with a spoonful (literally)
of Duck Egg.
 I love the mixed knobs.
It was a case of not being able to
decide which ones I liked best.
So why not mix them?
The green is a tad brighter than the
Duck Egg, but it blends, and I like it....!
The white knobs are
They reflect both the green and blue and white colors
of the dresser!!
 I by painting it, the little details
of the dresser
are brought out.
 The dresser is now a
on my Hubby's side
of the bed.
He walked into the room
and said instantly
"That looks really good."
You know how husbands are...
If you don't have to arm-wrestle them
for a compliment
or squeeze it out of them...
then it must look good!
 Although when I showed
my mother...
she said...
"What was wrong with it looking like wood?"
To each their own.
I love it.
When I finally get my bedroom done
I will show you how pretty the
now looks.
By the way,
I originally left the top natural,
it was my Hubby's idea
to go back and paint
the top white!
Not bad for a $5 dresser that was old (almost) 30 years ago!
Her facelift gives her another 30 years!
Go by and check them out!


  1. Great paint makeover and I love the new knobs. It's my first time visiting your blog, off to read some more.

  2. I definitely like the "after" better and I agree with the hubby painting the top white. You are a busy little bee over there aren't you!! I can't wait to see more photos of your whole house, waiting patiently:)

  3. Cute, cute, cute! The color is so pretty. Love that you left the few knobs and only replaced the two.
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you'll come see the nursery I helped DD2 create.


  4. Oh, I Love that! Turned out beautiful. I really want to try the chalk paint.

  5. Fabulous makeover and what a special piece of furniture! It has so much history with your family...and to think it had a life before as well! You did a beautiful job with the paint and I love the mixed knobs!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  6. The dresser looks great, I love multi-color effect that you gave it. Chalk paint is amazing I love it!

  7. Love the dresser and the mix of knobs are great!! I host a decorating party on the weekends if you would like to join in sometime! :)

  8. Very, very cute and I love the color! A new dresser purchased today would never last this many years. Thanks for joining my party.

  9. I love it. Love how you layered the paints. My hubby notices my paint jobs, too and each time says this is your best one yet. He loves the chest in the dining room I did in Old Violet and my mom preferred the wood. Moms what do they know! Thanks for joining the party.

  10. Really pretty! I am redoing a desk with chalk paint right now. I love the color combinations that you did!~Hugs, Patti

  11. It turned out beautiful and I'm sure you did your daddy proud.
    Happy to be a new follower. Hope you stop by for a visit sometime!

  12. fANTASTIC!I came over from Cindy's because I have the same color and almost same knobs on one piece I did this past year. Your piece is wonderful! New friend here, hope to see you soon.

  13. oops already am a friend LOL!

  14. Your chest is really beautiful. I like how you used the white and blue on the piece. I must try some chalk paint soon.

  15. I just love the shape of that dresser. We have a similar one that got a makeover this year, too. :)

    Loving the blue and white! Very pretty. :)

  16. I love how it turned out! Such a cute little dresser.

  17. Oh by the way, I am your newest follower


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