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Without Ceasing........................

No recipes, funny stories, dogs or other pics today.  Just a very special request. 

My friend Susie, from Kansas, is undergoing surgery this morning for a large tumor on her brain. Although I know none of you know her personally, please keep her in your prayers today.

Susie has never yet met a child she did not like. Maybe I should say, Susie has never yet met a child she did not love. Maybe I should say, Susie has never yet met a person she did not love. I do not say that in jest.  I truly mean it.  She is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. She needs our prayers. 

We are told in the Bible to "pray without ceasing".  We know we are not guaranteed a life without pain or struggles.  But when we pray, we are acknowledging that God is the source of all power, and we will trust his answers. 

So when you pray today, please remember the Susie you have never met, and keep her in your prayers.


  1. I will definitely keep Susie in my prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Prayers for you too Sweetie for peace. What a sweet friend she has in you. Hugs to you both!

  2. Makes my heart hurt, Lori. I don't know where she is in her walk with the Lord, but we know that all things work together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
    Praying those around Susie will see His purpose working in her life.
    Through this blog we're seeing His purpose working in yours.

  3. Anonymous7/14/2010

    I will pray for your friend, Lori. I am so sorry that she has to endure this but we do serve a loving God and I pray his covering over Susie, her surgeons and her family. I also want to pray for you because this is hard on you too.


  4. Susie and you will be in my prayers:-)


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