"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


How Could I Have Forgotten This Part? The DVM

In case you did not read yesterday's post, you missed my youngest son turning 21............As well as the story of his birth!

Hold on.  While parts may be a bit graphic, it is not the usual "I was  in labor for 100 hours and blah blah blah story."  No, even better.
Somehow I left out one of the best parts of the story.  I love telling this part (usually!!!???!!!) because I like to see whose side the receiver of the story will be on: Mine or Hubsters.

After reading, please say mine!!  

(Saturday night we took some of the kids out to eat and we drove "the route" to get to our food place.  EVEN THEN, 21 years later, Hubby STILL says he should have done.....the following!!:

OK. We are driving like mad (90 mph) to try and get to the hospital in Tulsa.  This was after we had been stopped for speeding and the OHP turned around and went the opposite direction (after wishing us 'good luck').

The hubster says (as he slows down to turn), "Lori, there is the Vet's office. I am pulling in there."

Now, I HOPE you just clued in on the fact that "The Vet" was not a war hero....BUT a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

He meant it.
He tried it.

I said yesterday that I was calm and quiet the whole time. I lied. I forgot about this part.

I screamed.............."NO. DON'T YOU DARE!"

Just so you know, I have NOTHING against Veterinarians.  In fact they are some of my favorite people. I choose only the best ..............for my animals.

But I did not want to stop their to have my baby.
Can you imagine.
I mean I lived in a small town. 
Word gets around.

"Hey did you hear about that Lucas boy?"
"Yeah...(chortle, chortle) we call him Dog Boy."
(chortle, chortle)


"Hey Lucas kid.  You know why you have horse teeth?"
"Because you were born in a barn!!"


"Hey Lucas kid...Is your mom a cow?"  snort, chortle, snort

You see what I mean?  In that split second that Hubby wanted to turn into the Vet, this all went through my mind.

This and the idea of .......................I mean really...........
Where was I going to deliver?

On the doggy exam table?  The corral?  The barn?  Pick me up with a big hook and let him fall out?

Hubster did not think of these things.  That is why I had to yell.  Just that one time.

And I always tell that part of the story.  I have no idea how I left it out yesterday.

So you decide. Would you have stopped at the Vets?

NO. A resounding NO!!!!

I won that round, and we continued on our merry way and had Luke very very close to the Vet....but far enough away that when Kids say..........."Hey is your mom a cow?"  It is for a completely different reason!

(The day Luke was born. Baby 1 and Baby 2.  Don't worry. They grew up to be the best of friends!!!) 


  1. Anonymous7/19/2010

    Lololololol! You didn't even smack him for even suggesting it? I would have!!! I'm not sure our vet would have done it. Alan's kinda shy.

  2. Yes but then you could have paper trained him instead of potty training. Oh I'm sorry. That was a low blow.
    I woulda let them pull my first one out of me with a hoist at a car mechanics garage.


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