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Tiptoe Through National Tulip Day

I saw online today that it was 
National Tulip Day.
(Don't you wonder who gets to make up the occasions for these days?)

 But since I love all things tulips, I am playing along. The tulips I am going to focus on are the tulip wreaths I like to create. I wrote about creating this one last year. You can find it here. It is one of those tutorials, that is almost embarrassing to make into a tutorial. It is that easy. 
 I have created about ten of these now. Many times I use the foam wreath (that I purchase with a coupon at Hobby Lobby). Sometimes I use just a simple grapevine wreath. The grapevine wreaths are usually a little smaller. Keep that in mind. 
 But always, yes always, I use tulips from Dollar General. That means that each bunch costs me $1. You can't beat that for tulips! 
 If you look at that $1 bunch of tulips, you might think it looks a little cheapola. Or the green a little plasticy. Let me assure you that enmasse it is not more cheapola or plasticy, but actually quite cute. 
 Here is one I made with yellow tulips. I added some small tulip buds as well. I also added some white flower that has a yellow and black center. It needed something to break up all that yellow. 
 As you can see I used a twig wreath for this base. I just glued the flowers directly to the twig wreath. Between the hot glue and poking the stems in the twig wreath, I don't expect the flowers to be going anywhere. (And remember, I am in WINDY Oklahoma where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains"!) 
 You can see the three different types of flowers I used in this wreath. The basis for the wreath though are the tulips, glued down in a circle, all facing the same way. Theoretically, there are no tops or bottoms to the wreaths. Even with the bows. It is however you like it to look. 
I gave this one to someone, and I included a green shamrock for St. Patty's Day, this Pier 1 bunny for Easter, and a cute little bluebird for spring. These are all Iphone pics, and I did not get any with the other add-ins. 
 I put the bow on the side and slipped the bunny down into the wreath. Here you see it with and without. You get the idea of what you can do! 

 This is a different red tulip wreath than the one I made for my front door. This one has regular tulips and others that are very wide open. I had to buy both to have enough for the wreath, but I really like the look of it besides. Again, it is an Iphone pic and the only one I took. 
 The biggest problem I find in making these wreaths are finding enough tulips at Dollar General. I don't know if they just get a certain amount in, or if everyone is creating these. I do drive to two or three different locations to get enough at times. In the case of this wreath, I never did find enough of one color, so I made the wreath hot pink, yellow and orange. 
 It ended up being one of my favorites. When I was looking for more tulips, I found these butterfly "picks" at Dollar General. They came in bunches just like the tulips. I cut the bunch(es) up and glued them all over the colorful wreath. It was very cute. (Go back up one picture and look at all the butterflies.) 
 During summer last year I kept the wreath up clear till August. I simply added flags to the bow area, to "summer" it up. This is the only wreath I have kept of all the ones I have made. They make wonderful gifts to give-away and can be personalized easily. 
If you use a coupon to buy the wreath, you are only out about $20 when you are finished.....That is even after buying massive amounts of tulips!  I have seen these on Etsy for $100. (Don't forget to factor in hot-glue burns as well. OUCH!!) 
Despite the fact I used mainly Iphone pics, I hope you enjoyed our little tiptoe through the tulips. Happy National Tulip Day!
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  1. These are beautiful!!! Especially the multicolored one. I have done this with daisies, but never thought of using tulips! If you have a $ Tree nearby, they have wonderful flower bunches for a dollar too!
    Hope the weather has settled a little for you folks.


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