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Cupcake Wars....

I blame everything (that goes wrong) on age.

 The fact that Easter is one week away. Age.
The fact that I need to get my butt(!) in gear and get some things done. Age.
Anything I forgot to do or did not get done. Age.

 Despite the "age" thing, I am sharing several different quick and easy ways to make cute, fun Easter cupcakes. These cupcakes are totally edible. The "grass" is really some kind of candy. It came in longer lengths and I just cut it with my (kitchen) scissors. All ingredients were found at Wally World. 
(Yes, even the little bunnies are some type of candy.) 

 Who doesn't love to use Peeps at Easter? 

 I made "real" frosting, but they could have just as easily been canned frosting tinted green. Kids don't care! 

 My aunt made these cupcakes. I have no idea how I got away with only one picture. Maybe because they were getting scooped up so quickly. 

 I used a white cake mix and tinted the batter various pastel colors. I baked them in a mini muffin pan. Some I used wrappers on and some I did not. Personally, I kind of like how they look without the wrappers. You get to see all the cute colors. 

 Some I lined up on a cute little Easter platter. I used a star tip and just squiggled lots of white frosting on top of each one. Then I put a few sprinkles on each cupcake as well. 

 A few cupcakes got places of honor among the Easter decorations.

 Then I used a bunch of them and put them in the push-up tubes. Kids really love these. Two mini cupcakes fit inside each tube perfectly. You could also put one cupcake and one Peep rabbit. 
 I ordered my push-up containers on line. I do not remember where I got them, but I am sure they can be googled up. I bought a lot at once and have used them with all kinds of desserts. 

 To display them I just put them inside several little Easter buckets filled with grass. Simple. Fun. Easy.
I promise I understand about time constraints and holidays that sneak up. Each of these recipes are fast and easy, yet fun for all the kids...and big kids. 

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  1. I love your wonderful cupcakes, I like the pink bunnies, they are so cute...love all the ways you have decorated all the different ones...

  2. Omg..its so lovely and colorful...these cakes bring smile on my face
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