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Presidential Pride.....

At our house when the children 
were growing up,
we used even the most incidental holidays
as a reason to celebrate. 
(For instance St. Patty's day means there will be Shepherd's Pie and all sorts of stories about our Irish relatives. We celebrated First-Day-of-School with big ice cream parties....etc.)

 Well President's Day is one of those mundane holidays that can also be fun to celebrate. 

 We've set "Presidential" or "Patriotic" tablescapes through the years. 
 During those Presidential" dinners it is always fun to do a little "Presidential" trivia. It is a fun way to learn some interesting facts about our Commanders in Chief. 
1. Name three different sets of presidents that were related:
2. Which president was a movie star?
3. Which president served two non-consecutive terms?
4. Which president got stuck in the bathtub?
5. Name three presidents that were assassinated:
6. Which president signed the Emancipation Proclamation?
7. Which president did Marilyn Monroe sing "Happy Birthday" to?
8. Which president was a 5-star General?
9. Which president was never elected to office?
10. What song is played as the president enters the room? 

 11. Which president spoke Mandarin Chinese in the White House with his wife so no one would know what he was saying?
12. Which president skinny dipped regularly in the Potomac?
13. Which president did not use the Bible to take the Oath of Office?
14. Which college boasts the most presidents as graduates?
15. Who was the only president to earn a Ph.D.?
16. Who was the only bachelor president (that never married)?
17. Which two presidents were ambidextrous?
18. What do five of the past seven presidents have in common?
19. Which president lost the White House china in a poker game he lost?
20. Which president founded the University of Virginia? 
 Try that quiz and see how you do!

Another reason we like to celebrate President's Day.......
 Our two "furry" presidents. Eisenhower is the black and white Schnauzer and Abraham is the solid black Schnauzer. 
 We got Ike from a dealer in Kansas...hence the name "Eisenhower" (President Eisenhower was from Kansas.) 
 Abe was an Oklahoma boy, but he was born on February 12th, which is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Hence his name. 
Ike and Abe are a perfect pair. They give us reason to celebrate President's Day every day.
Have a great President's Day!!

ANSWERS: 1. Adams, Bushes, Roosevelts, Harrisons, Madison/Taylor 2. Ronald Reagan 3. Grover Cleveland 4. William Howard Taft 5. JFK, Lincoln, McKinley 6. Lincoln 7. JFK 8. Eisenhower 9. Ford
  10. Hail To The Chief 11.Harding 12. J.Q. Adams 13. Pierce 14. Harvard 15. Wilson 16. Buchanan
17. Garfield, Reagan 18. They were Lefties (except for GW Bush and Carter) 19. Harding 20. Jefferson 

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