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That's The Way the Cookie Crumbles...!

My daughter Annie takes after my mother and has an over-abundance of the "socializing" gene. She loves to plan and host any type of get-together. On Sunday it was a Family Cookie Swap....(as in the females made the cookies and the males ate them!)

A plate ready for one of the Judges.

Since the party was on Sunday afternoon, both my daughters and I got together.............at about 10 p.m. on Saturday night. ...Uhmmm...that is when we were starting!  We had to make 5 dozen cookies each. Annie said that at a "real"  cookie swap, we should have an even dozen per person to trade. (Thank goodness this was not a "real" one!!)  The funny thing is, all of the cookie bakers except for my mother and my daughter-in-law were all making their cookies at midnight. Does that tell you anything about our family?  Yes, we are a bunch of procrastinators as well as night owls!! Hoot. Hoot. 

Even with "only" less than a dozen OF EACH KIND per person, there was still a LOT to go around! 

I made the Red Velvet Whoopie pies and the Devils Food pies (as seen in the blurry pic).  My little just-turned eight year old niece made the Santas out of Nutter Butter cookies. She had no pattern and was very proud of her efforts!!!  She also gave each dessert a name and wrote it down as soon as the person walked in the door carrying their foods!! She was quite a little hostess!

Since the men that came seemed to be hanging around the cookies, we put them to work as judges! All names were taken off of the judges plates before they tested. 
I think they might have known from what kitchen a few of the batches originated! I hope they weren't talking about my cookies in the picture above! ha!

They took their jobs very seriously, as I took these pics through the french doors as they were discussing their likes and dislikes. They mulled over their decisions for over 30 minutes! 

In the meantime the Cookie Bakers waited...............

and waited....and waited!!!!

The winners were announced!!
Taylor got first for her Peanut Butter Balls.
Annie got second for her Cherry Shortbread cookies
Libby (my other niece) got third for her Monster Cookies.
And Caroline got Most Creative for her Santa Cookies!!!
And we "old" women...
Well we are already planning on what we can do to 
bump those younguns' out of the Winner's Circle next year!!


  1. Lori Gay,
    I thought of you as I made PW's cinnamon rolls at midnight. However, I had taken a nap to fortify myself!!
    The party looked like fun. I loved the cards on the cookies, especially the one that listed your entire name! Did Kari Kathleen get a card too?
    Have a Merry Christmas!
    I miss you!
    Love, Li

  2. Honestly,
    The Ferguson Clan parties all the time! Wondering whose house you're in for the cookie swap and guessing KK's.
    Hey, Li--I saw KK's initials in one of the pictures. They were the cookies with kisses in the top. (If I'd baked them, I'd call them SMOOCHIES, but I don't know what they're really called.)
    Looks like fun, LG!
    Merry, merry Christmas!


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